darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

Fic: 'Hot In The City' 1/1 for slashysummerfun

Author: darkhavens
Title: Hot In the City 1/1
Pairing: Spike/Xander of Buffy + OC
Rating: NC-17... for demon tail
Words: 2,200ish
Feedback: Please
Concrit: darkhavens @ slashverse.com
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Warnings/Squicks: Um, see 'Rating' above
Summary: It's Club Night and someone wants to play
Notes: written for the slashysummerfun angst-free community.

It was Club Night again, the night when Xander put himself entirely in Spike's hands and let him play the ADHD punked-out vampire version of dress-up dolls. He was doing fine until the make-up bag came out.


"Oh, hush."


"Xander, in about three seconds this eyeliner pencil is going straight up your nose if you don't stop fussing! I keep telling you, if anyone at Epoch is staring at you, it's because they want you. Or because they want me so they wish they were you." Spike smirked, confident in his assessment, and brought the black kohl pencil up towards Xander's face for a second time.

"Spike, I'm allergic, remember? I'm not spending another three days with gummy eyes and the guys at work cracking jokes about me being pepper sprayed again."

Xander ignored the adorable pout of disappointment on Spike's face, knowing that any outward reaction would result in a wildly satisfying bout of cheer up sex. Which would be great, until Spike realised they'd left it too late to go clubbing, and then the pout would be real and the second bout of cheer up sex would have to be postponed due to Xander's unfortunately human refractory period.

So, instead of petting his supposedly domesticated vampire, Xander reached over into his bedside cabinet drawer and pulled out a small bottle of inky black fluid.

"Dawn says this is the best hypoallergenic stuff available and that if I still have problems, you'll have to knock me out and get me tattooed if you're that determined to make me pretty."

Spike looked as though he was actually considering the idea, and Xander tried not to imagine the reaction at work if he turned up in eye make-up that he couldn't just wipe off and excuse away as another of Dawnie's little 'games to play on Xander when he falls asleep on chick flick night'.

"I think she was joking. But anyway, I, uh, tested it out the other evening while you and Giles were out on your monthly tour of the local import shops." He grinned evilly. "I gotta say, I never thought you two would end up bonding over foodstuffs."

"What can I say? Ripper has taste. And good contacts. A word in the right ear and he can get practically anything shipped over, for a price. Now, unless you want me to cross your HP Fruity Sauce off the shopping list, hand that stuff over so I can finish tarting you up."

Xander passed the small glass bottle over without complaint. Sure, it would be fun to wind Spike up about his regular shopping expeditions with the man who'd repeatedly chained him up in a bathtub, but Xander wasn't a fool. He had his stomach to think of, and a recently acquired addiction to HP's fruity goodness.


Epoch's main room was eardrum-shatteringly loud and packed to the rafters with humans and demons of every creed, colour, species, sex and orientation. Xander kept a tight hold on Spike's arm as they ploughed through the crowd towards the bar. A quick dose of liquid courage always helped him forget to be embarrassed about wearing make-up, wearing silk, wearing clothes that clung to his body like a second skin, too close for underwear.

A shot of Jack and a beer chaser - and gods he hoped he never got to the stage where that wasn't enough - and he was ready to brave the seething dance floor. Spike knocked back whatever number shot he was on, grabbed Xander's wrist and towed him along, eager to get to the fun part of the evening.

A few 'excuse me's' later, having suffered a trampled toe and the unsettling experience of being goosed by what he hoped was just an un-aimed tail, Xander was happily ensconced on the dance floor, pressed tightly against his lover's lean frame.

The heat of so many bodies in such close, frenzied, company soon had his skin slick with sweat. The black silk, slash-necked tee that Spike had squeezed him into earlier now looked more like recently applied body paint, still wet to the touch and ready to smear beneath a grasping hand.

Spike leaned forward and licked a broad stripe from the base of Xander's throat, up along the corded tendons of his neck to his ear, where he paused to nip at the pierced lobe and tease the tiny topaz nestled there.

"Want to play, luv?"


Even with Spike so close, it was impossible to make out what he was saying over the pounding beat and thrum of modern rock, so Xander shook his head, shrugged in confusion and leaned in closer. Spike raised a hand and held Xander's head in place as his mouth hovered micrometers from the topaz-decorated ear.

"Want to play? You've got an admirer right behind you. He wants to know if he can join the party."

This time Xander heard enough to understand, and threw a lightning quick glance back over his shoulder before twisting back to stare at Spike. He mirrored spike's ear to mouth pose of a minute ago, and voiced his concerns.

"Spike, he's huge! And red! And there are horns!"

A second look made his eyes bug out. It looked like the tail that had touched him up earlier had not been aimless after all. Spike nipped his earlobe again to regain his attention.

"He's harmless, Xan. 'S protective colouration to scare the beasties off. He just wants a chance to touch what's mine. Trust me?"

Xander nodded slowly and so did Spike, and immediately Xander felt a presence at his back. Spike lifted his arms and draped them over Xander's shoulders just as two huge hands fastened solidly onto his hips and snugged them back against a pair of massively muscled thighs.

Hard, heated flesh blanketed Xander's back from nape to coccyx, and a prominent bulge pressed firmly against the base of his spine. Something he guessed - hoped - to be the tail wrapped twice around the upper portion of his right thigh and gave a strangely reassuring squeeze. Xander suddenly felt like the meat in a pornographic sandwich as Spike leaned in even closer and stole his breath - his senses - with a kiss.

Lips, teeth and tongues clashed and tangled, tasted, nipped and stroked, and Xander almost forgot their unusual third. Almost. The hot wet tongue that was busy counting his upper vertebrae managed to prevent him from dismissing the demon entirely. And then the hands on his hips moved, one slipping forward to span the width of his stomach, the other sliding up over damp silk to tease his nipples.

Spike pressed one thigh between Xander's own and rocked up and back in time to the music. Xander whimpered and felt his knees go weak. The unexpected brush of prehensile tail along his zipper sent Xander's system into overdrive. He was being dry-humped and groped by two demons on a crowded dance floor and he suddenly didn't give a damn who saw it.

Leaving one of his hands tucked inside the waistband at the rear of Spike's jeans, he sent the other one reaching back behind him. He needed to reciprocate - to touch not just be touched - and he managed to grab a tiny piece of tree trunk textured thigh.

His touch was rewarded with a fervent tail squeeze and a string of biting kisses laced across his exposed nape. The demon behind him ground forward as the demon in front of him did the same, and he almost whited out from sensory overload. His cock was already hard enough to cut diamonds, and with every movement the fabric of his jeans chafed a little bit more. Xander knew he must be a very sick puppy when that friction only served to make him even harder.


"Xan? Xander!" A tap to the cheek brought his eyelids up from where they'd fallen, and he stared out at Spike with lust-glazed eyes. Spike grinned.

"C'mon, luv. Let's grab a booth."

Xander allowed himself to be moved, still sandwiched tightly between two demons, into one of the unlighted booths that ringed the dance floor. Each was furnished with a table and padded benches and sturdy walls, with a variety of lighting possibilities if an audience was required. This time Spike left the lights off.

Their new friend settled himself comfortably on the end of one bench, then reached out and swiftly lifted Xander onto his lap, arranging the horny human so that he straddled the massive thighs, ass snugged back against groin.

Too stunned - and too aroused - to protest at being handled like a child, Xander could have sworn he heard his pelvis creak as the demon's thigh opened and forced his own to spread even wider, and then Spike stepped forward and they were practically groin-to-groin. Xander decided the position was more than worth the strain.

Once again, Xander almost lost himself in Spike's kiss, one hand tangled in loosely curling hair as the other slipped back beneath the waistband of Spike's jeans and moulded to the contours of his well-formed ass.

The lap he was perched atop began to rhythmically rock and thrust, and hands the size of dinner plates came up to join the fun. The left began to trace the length of Spike's spine between Xander's hands, pausing every few inches to stroke and tease. The other settled high on Xander's thigh and began to squeeze, the thumb pressing hard into his groin.

Xander twitched as a similar presence made itself known around his left thigh, and he realised he'd momentarily forgotten about that sneaky tail. Great. Twin lines of pressure framed his aching cock but didn't quite touch, and his hips began to flex in search of contact.

The more he squirmed the tighter he was held and very soon he was gasping helplessly into Spike's mouth, begging and pleading for a touch, just one stroke, a finger, anything, just enough so that he could actually come.

A glance was shared over his shoulder and then the tail was slipping away to be replaced by the demon's other hand, and Xander watched through barely focussed eyes as Spike drew down his zipper, exposing Xander's cock to the night club air before doing the same with his own.

And then Spike stepped up onto the bench and lowered himself onto the tree trunk sized thighs in front of Xander, his own thighs draped over Xander's and looped behind the tangle of bodies. He reached over Xander's shoulders, linked his hands behind their new friend's thick red neck, and nodded. Xander shuddered at the feel of Spike's cock against his own as that marvellous tail wrapped tightly around them both from root to tip and began to ripple and pump them to a mutual screaming climax.

When Xander came to, he found he was still being cradled on the demon's lap, while Spike had apparently had ample time to go to the bar for drinks. He'd been zipped back into his pants and from the feel of it, he'd been wiped off first, and he finally recovered the ability to be embarrassed. He struggled to find a way to phrase the 'who, how and when' question but was no closer to a solution when Spike finally took pity.

"I cleaned you up and tucked you in while Darden fetched the booze. When he got back and saw you were still out, he asked if he could hold on to you for a while. You didn't seem to mind so I said yes."

Darden? Xander blinked. Huh. It seemed kind of odd to be learning the demon's name after they'd had mind-blowing three-way sex in a night club, but he decided it was better than never knowing his name at all.

He wriggled, slightly uncomfortable at sitting in someone's lap now the sexual buzz was fading, and Darden helped him slide off and onto the bench next to Spike.

"Um, thanks."

"Is good. Again, maybe, yes? Club to come often, you and vampire? Is part mine. Always you are welcome. Ask Darden at door. No charge."

Xander's sex addled brain struggled to translate the broken English into meaningful sentences, and failed, miserably. Spike apparently didn't have the same problem, offering his hand and a broad grin.

"So you're one of the owners here. Nice setup. We try and get back this way every couple of weeks. Can't promise you the fun and games every time we come, but maybe, when my boy is in the mood again, we'll look you up. Nice meeting you, Darden, now I'd better get him home, he's starting to crash."

Xander tried to complain but was foiled by a yawn and settled for a mega-watt pout.

"I hope see soon, Xander."

Xander turned to answer and was surprised by a butterfly soft kiss on the cheek and then Darden was gone, disappearing into the crowd on the dance floor.

"That was… Wow."

Spike laughed and tugged Xander, yawning again, to his feet.

"C'mon, luv, you can sleep in the car on the way back. Then, when I get you home…"


Come and read the sequel!
Tags: btvs:other, btvs:s/x:tailkink

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