darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

Icon post reprise

As the limit for paid icons has just gone up to 100, everyone seems to be running around trying to find icons - or trying to find out who made that wonderful icon they grabbed last year and forgot to label correctly. (It happens. I've done it. More than once.)

So, in the spirit of 'Here, have my icons!', I thought I'd post links to my previous icon posts and encourage my flist to do the same. *stares meaningfully at you all*.

Pretty naked men
More pretty naked men
Bitch icons
Seasonal icons

And there are also some early works here and here - Spandery icons and a few wallpapers, one of which is in dire need of work now I have a monitor that actually lets me differentiate between dark colours OMG! *g*.

So, snag, comment, credit, don't steal bandwidth and please, post your own links so people can fill up all those empty spaces on their icon pages. :D
Tags: pimp

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