darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

Shag meme, because I'm bored

I was tagged by madders so this is her fault. ;)

Name 10 fictional characters you want to have sex with and then tag 5 people. The characters can be from anything, no limit.

My list contains two vampires, an alien, a mutant, a replicant, a priest, two doctors, a mathematically-inclined pilot... and a possessed schoolboy.

1. Spike (BtVS S2)
2. John Sheppard (Stargate: Atlantis)
3. Dr Rodney McKay (Stargate: Atlantis)
4. Xander (BtVS S1 - The Pack)
5. Roy Batty (Bladerunner)
6. Father Andrew Kiernan (Stigmata)
7. G'Kar (Babylon 5)
8. Wolverine (X-Men movies)
9. Marius de Romanus (Queen of the Damned)
10. Dr Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park etc)
Tags: meme

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