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Demon Catnip, 2/?

Author: darkhavens
Title: Demon Catnip
Chapter: 2/?
Pairing: Spike/Xander (with a side of Spike/Dru)
Rating: R
Feedback/Concrit: darkhavens @ slashverse.com
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Warnings/Squicks: One of the core Buffy characters dies 'offscreen', but it's not one of the boys. Het, but it's not graphic.
Summary: Things take a left turn into AU when Angel arrives with Xander under his arm in 'School Hard'.
AN1: Part one was originally written as a standalone, complete fic for txrabbit for slashfest. A couple of days ago she asked for more, and the story was there in my head, so I obliged.
AN2: For the purposes of this fic I have taken Spike's 'You were my sire, man!' as the gospel truth.
Request: Spike accepts Angel's gift in School Hard, what happens next?
Previous Chapters: Demon Catnip tag page

Demon Catnip, Part 2

The first few days were quiet and restful, letting him recover. Xander's head slowly began to clear, but not to fill. He knew that hidden behind the fuzzy curtain in his mind, memories of the last seventeen years or so must lurk, as though in waiting. Dru and Spike had told him that their 'Daddy' had rescued him from a life of anger, pain, disillusionment and a lack of love. His family had been monsters and his friends hadn't bothered to see, but Dru and Spike assured him that they saw, they heard, they bothered - they loved.

At the sound of approaching footsteps Xander turned from brushing out Dru’s hair, automatically smiling when he saw Spike framed in the doorway, a dark, familiar sports bag in his hand.

"Is that...? That's mine, isn't it? I remember, I... Ah!" The lightning strike of electricsilverheadache curled him over at the waist, palms trying to push their way through solid skull into his brain, trying to kill the pain with mindless pressure. He whimpered, rocking, elbows screwing down into his knees as he fought the urge to vomit up his breakfast.

He never heard the rattle-thunk as Spike dropped the bag, and leapt across the room to join the couple on the bed. He didn't feel the hands that lifted, shifted him, that settled him securely, held between the vampire's thighs.

Then delicate fingers danced across his scalp, trailing blissful peace, and numbness he was happy to embrace. The pressure was released in a slow, drawn out hiss, and Xander settled back into the cradle of cool flesh as Dru administered her magic touch.

He was hovering between renewed unconsciousness and sweet relief when the softest kiss was pressed against his cheek.

"Sleep, Kitten. Sleep and let the bad dreams wash away. The monsters in your head can't touch you now; can't get past us. We're much better monsters, but we're yours and you are ours. We'll guard the castle while you take your rest. Now sleep."

Xander's eyelashes fluttered once, twice, and then lay still against his cheeks as he slipped away once more. Spike carefully eased himself out of the way and lowered the sleeping boy onto the heap of jewel-toned lacy pillows.

The next time Xander woke it was to sound and sensation. The mattress beneath his back was swaying rhythmically. Puzzled, he rolled over onto his side, opened his eyes, and found his attention captured by Spike’s yellow-tinted gaze. Their eyes locked for one short, electrifying moment, and then Spike’s attention was snatched away by something that made him moan and arch upwards off the bed.

Xander followed the graceful curve of Spike’s nude torso, a nameless hunger growing inside him – a need to touch that flesh. Fingers curled tight into his palms, nails digging deep, he resisted the urge to reach out and tweak the closest beaded nipple.

Barely a second later he was stunned to see a hand – not his – move into his line of vision and tease that point of flesh, pinching, pulling, scratching at the nub. Wide-eyed, he traced the arm back to the source, over lace and satin trimmed with ribbons, back to Dru, who sat squarely on Spike’s hips, skirts spread around her. She rocked and rolled, whimpering, defining a widening circle that dragged more moans and muttered curses out of Spike, and Xander belatedly realised what he was witnessing. His eyes snapped shut.

“S-sorry. Didn’t… Didn’t mean to… I-I can just go and…”


A cool hand curled around his jaw and then slipped back behind his neck, pulling him gently, relentlessly, closer to the sexohgodthey’rehavingsexrighthere! action.

“Kitten thinks he’s done a very bad thing by seeing what he oughtn’t. Silly Kitten! This is my gift to you – pearls and rubies.”

Dru might have continued to talk, but Xander would never remember, as the delicate brush of lips against his own stole his attention. The hand behind his head held him in place as Spike’s tongue traced the seam of his mouth, back and forth, poking deeper into each corner before retreating and retracing. Sweep, probe, sweep, probe. The repetition lulled Xander into a mindless haze, his entire being focussed on that small wet point of contact. One idea fizzed into life and exploded across his consciousness and Xander embraced it with everything he had. He opened his mouth.

The tongue in his mouth that wasn’t his – the tongue, that is – counted his teeth and trailed across his gums, sparking every nerve. It stroked the inner membrane of his cheeks and tickled his palate, and then swooped down and tried to engage his own in a kind of duel.

Xander was overwhelmed by sensation, wanting to float away, but something in him knew that reciprocation was required. Tentatively he gave a tiny lick and was rewarded with a growl that rattled from Spike’s mouth into his and made him shiver. He licked again. Xander felt Spike’s whole body flex and bow along the line of his own, but the hungry, eating kisses prevented any sort of thought.

Untold moments later Spike pulled back, and Xander realised he’d completely forgotten he still needed to breathe. His trembling gasps seemed to amuse Spike, who pulled him closer, and Xander allowed himself to be manipulated.

It wasn’t until he was settled snugly along Spike’s right side, one knee bent and resting on Spike’s thigh, that Xander actually realised Dru was no longer in the room.

“I… We… Did she mind?”

Spike looked puzzled for a moment and then grinned.

“Mind? Luv, when you kissed me back I came so hard I nearly blew her teeth out of her head. Believe me, right now she’s a very happy vampire. She’s probably telling Miss Edith all our secrets.”

Xander flinched a little at the mention of Miss Edith. Frankly, that doll terrified him. He had no problem with the messages that came from the stars, and also from ‘Daddy’, though apparently that was new enough to cause both vampires to react unusually. No, the doll was more malevolent than any other source. Miss Edith’s whispers always seemed to encourage Spike to violence, and even though Xander never saw it happen, it still felt wrong. Willow’s dolls had never seemed even the slightest bit evil.

Willow. Xander’s brain latched eagerly on to the memory of a tiny redhead clutching a grubby Barbie, and then in the next second the whole scene whited out in a chrysanthemum bloom of agony.

"Xander's parents are dead."

Willow didn't even hear the shocked gasps her announcement drew from the other inhabitants of the school library. Her attention was glued to the computer monitor as she skimmed the police report, condensing it into a toneless, broken narrative.

"They're calling it a murder suicide... with barbecue fork. They're saying his mother bludgeoned and stabbed his father while he slept... then climbed into the bath and stabbed herself in the neck. Very little blood was found at the scene."

She stared blankly at the glowing, greyish text until it vanished as Giles reached across and hit the power button.

"That's... disturbing." Giles hadn't thought he could feel any guiltier. He'd been wrong.

"But… There's no way this could be Xander, right? He wouldn't have waited this long. If he'd been vamped he would've come for me the same night. I mean, I'm the Slayer; I'm the girl who turned him down. Remember, he said Jesse was all fixated on Cordelia while the rest of the Master's idiots were 'harvesting' at the Bronze. And you know Xander's always been about the instant gratification. No, this wasn't him. I'd know if it was. And Willow, don't you think he'd come for you once he'd been turned? You're like a sister to him and… Well, you know? It can't be him."

Tags: btvs:s/x:catnip

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