darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

'Time Is Elastic', three for slashthedrabble challenge #37 - How Long

Author: darkhavens
Title: Time Is Elastic
Pairing: Spike/Xander, of Buffy
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Warnings/Squicks: Xander's a vampire without a soul.
Notes: More in the baby!vamp!Xander 'verse.

Seven Years

"The spell will resist any attempt to reinstate your young man's soul, so long as the glyph is visible on his shoulder."

"How long?"

"No amount of magic, from any known plane or dimension, will be able to break the multi-layered wards before they readjust to resist the attack and repel any invaders."

"How long?"

"There will of course be pain involved, each time an attack occurs, but the gypsy curses only tend to sting and throb a little."

"Listen, mate! How bloody long does this stuff last? When will I have to fingerpaint my boy with holy water again?"

Six Weeks

Eternity, counted off in big red crosses on the 'Death by Punk' calendar that hung on the kitchen wall above their sink. Each day Xander added a fresh red X and laid a gentle finger on the ringed, important seventeenth.

Six weeks without Spike. Six weeks without being touched by Spike. Six weeks knowing Angelus was touching what he could not, revelling in the knowledge that Xander sat at home, waiting.

It was worth it. It had to be worth it. Once 'payment' was made they'd set the trap and she'd walk in. Then Xander Aurelius would kill Buffy Summers.

Five More Minutes

"Spike, please!"

"Soon, luv."

Spike laid a kiss on Xander's parted lips, then moved back to continue tracing the taut lines of his body.

Held in place by demon-crafted shackles, chains and cuffs, Xander could do nothing more than writhe. The feather-light drag and stroke of long-missed fingertips upon his skin made him fight and arch, in need of contact.

"Please, Spike! It's been so long! I..."

"Five more minutes, and then I promise you can play. I missed you. Missed having you under me like this. Missed hearing you beg and call my name."


"Yeah. Just like that."

Tags: btvs:s/x:b!v!x

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