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It's raining in my... home

For the last three days or so, every time I set foot in my living room I could smell something musty, damp, mouldy. I searched and searched but could find nothing. Today I come home from work at 11.15pm, walk in and hear 'drip... drip... drip...'. So I look up.

There's a bloody great bulge in my ceiling, with a tail of smaller bulges stretching across the width of the room.

Which means I had to run upstairs and wake the neighbours to tell them something in their livingroom/kitchen is peeing on my carpet.

So now I'm sitting here with the water turned off, waiting for the plumber to show up in the morning and thanking all the gods I can think of that it happened tonight.

Why? Because tomorrow evening my upstairs neighbours go away for a whole month! Wouldn't it have been so much fun if this had happened tomorrow? Just like when the boiler died last winter, leaving me with no hot water or central heating because the landlord went on holday for two weeks the day before it happened and the damn thing was so old they couldn't fix it and needed his permission to install a new one.

And then I logged on and the first email that dropped into my inbox was an absolutely wonderful piece of feedback. So now I'm happy again.
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