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A Pair of Drabbles for Challenge #56 - Sex

This pair of drabbles is dedicated to dancetomato, cos apparently I owe her smut for not finding her on lj sooner. :op

Author: darkhavens
Pairing: Always S/X
Rating: PG13?
Warnings: vague smut, lying by omission, silliness
Spoilers: Did they do it on the show? Then no.
Written for: open_on_sunday, Challenge #56 - Sex.
Also posted in bloodclaim here.

Xander woke feeling sore... in odd places. His ass throbbed. His dick ached. And he couldn't remember anything after that third game of pool with...

One eye cracked open and squinted towards the body pressed tight along his right side.

Spike. Oh gods. He was in bed with Spike. He concentrated. In bed with naked Spike. Naked in bed with naked Spike.

His heartbeat had barely reached double time before Spike squirmed closer and began stroking his flank.

"Shhh, Pet. Go back t'sleep. S'too early to freak out."

Oddly comforted, Xander slept, and was woken, much later, by a kiss...


Spike confessed on their fifth anniversary.

Xander's arse was sore cos he'd slipped in a puddle of spilled beer and gone down hard on the toe of Spike's boot. His dick ached cos he'd managed to catch himself in the groin with the pool cue on the way down, just before hitting his head on the corner of the pool table.

So, Spike had carried him home, stripped him out of his beer sodden clothes, then done the same for himself, before spending half the night cradling an unconscious Xander in his arms.

In the morning he'd taken a chance...
Tags: btvs:s/x:misc

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