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So, did everybody buy their permanent accounts yet?

The offer is open for 24 hours only and costs $150US, which, if you're interested, works out to about £85GB. (I'll be eating beans and toast for a month but it's worth it.)

If you haven't heard about it, read this and if you decide to invest your money or someone else's you can find the sucker riiiight here.

Oh, BTW, that $150 gets you 100 icons for life!

ETA: If you already have a paid account and decide to indulge, you can transfer your remaining paid time to any other account, whether it is yours, someone else's or a community. Don't let it go to waste! ;)

ETA2: You don't need to buy the permanent account to get 100 icons! There are plans in the works to provide the option of 100 icons to paid users, at a price of course, but certainly not $150! *g*

ETA3: Also, if you had already bought extra icon space, you can transfer it by sending an email to accounts@livejournal.com. Make sure to include your username and the username you want it transferred to.
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