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Book meme

kyrieane tagged me when she did this, and who am I to argue? I love my books, though they've been woefully neglected since I discovered slash. *g*

1. Total number of books I've owned: I'd have to guess at about the 10,000 mark, and about 7,000 of them are still with me.

2. Last book I bought: Potter's Cyclopedia of Botanical Drugs and Preparations, 5th Edition, 1941

3. Last book I read: Watchers, by Dean Koontz

4. 5 books that mean a lot to me:
The Stand by Stephen King - I try to read the unabridged editin at least once a year
Ages in Chaos by Emmanual Velikovsky - history revised
The Oxford Paperback Dictionary and Thesaurus - my bible!
The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C S Lewis - this book (series) gave my imagination wings
Men In Love by Nancy Flowers - insight into the sexual fantasies of men, in their own words!

5. Tag 5 people and have them fill this out in their LJs:
literati, willa_writes, crazydiamondsue, ponders_life and tabaqui
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