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What I got in Horbling...

Magnets from madders

From the lucky dip 'o tack - mushroom-shaped with a slit on top indeed!

The money shot. :P

I'd take a picture of the book too but meh, it's a book - hard cover, lots of pages. You know what they look like. So, instead I have decided to share a gem or two from its pages. This is the first thing I found when I opened it up:

Mucophagy, consuming nasal mucosa, is done in a matter of course in nasolingus. Others may engage in mucophagy because of the implied self degradation, or simply the novelty of it. Like consumption of other body secretions, mucophagy can be used to demonstrate total acceptance and love of a partner.

Pie Throwing
Pie throwing is an amusing sort of defilement. Pies have been thrown at parties, in films and by couples in private. There is even a gay pie throwing club.
One individual, "Pieface Mike" (or, the "PieMan") began his "pie-play" at the age of 8. At 18, he started to find it sexally stimulating, and now likes to be "pied" during intercourse. A self-proclaimed "pisexual", he has expanded his pleasure into a performance art.
The PieMan has found a public intrigued by "pieings". He approaches people in clubs and art events, inviting women to rub pies in his face. Most accept, often finding a release in pieing a willing man. Mike enjoys the giggling and comments they make. As she slaps him with dessert, a woman might say "Here's your pie, SIR!" - and then massage the PieMan with pie-cream. He's been pied by some 700 women between 1990 and 1992.
Elements of arousal associated with pie throwing include anticipation, vulnerability and humiliation. Enticement by the pied partner and an empowerment in the assertive act of the one who "pies" contribute to a mutual thrill, and they have the opportunity to say or do the unexpected during this intimate moment. There are also erotic "messy" videos and magazines that include scenes of women being pied.

So, what's for dessert?
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