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All Horbled Out

Well, I'm back. It was an amazing weekend, though of course I missed you oodles... except for those who were there with me, cos now I'm missing them!

A quick checklist of the main points -

  • Six trains, 3 each way, no missed connections. Wheee!

  • Alcohol was consumed in abundance.

  • Ditto chocolate, cake and ice cream. Also 'real' food. ::boggles::

  • I watched many episodes of Angel I've never seen before, including NFA. And, once I'd seen Spike 'alive' in Angel, I could finally watch Chosen all the way through without getting too weepy.

  • We did a few drabble challenges - on paper, so we weren't too strict about the 100 word limit. They'll probably be posted sometime soon.

  • I haiku'd repeatedly.

  • I got a birthday present (thank you eatenbyweasels!) - The Encyclopedia of Unusual Sexual Practices - more than 750 entries and 150 original illustrations.
    Conclusion after flicking though and reading out a few of the more squicky entries? There are some very twisted individuals out there. It almost makes me feel norm... nah. ;o)

  • We each bought a gift, something suitably tacky or porny and in some cases both, and put them into The Big Bag o' Tack and then had a lucky dip. I got a mushroom moneybox that has to be seen to be believed. (Photo available shortly.)

  • I also got magnets (thank you madders!) - one says 'They Don't Pay Me Enough To Smile' the other says 'I Hate Everything' and it's one of those wonderful cartoon snarky bunnies. (Photos available shortly.)

  • I took fresh fudge, shared it and was worshipped as a goddess. ;o)

  • I wrote a fic, on the trains coming back, which fulfils my Horbling bunny assignment and it will be posted just as soon as I've got the energy to type it up.

  • I made 8 new friends. And before you all start wondering which one of the nine I didn't get on with, stop it! I've been playing in vampirefever's LJ for ages now so she's an old and treasured friend. :P

  • I missed my LJ and my friends and especially my literati (I think they might have got a bit sick of hearing your name, sweetie. LOL!) but I think having internet access would have killed the togetherness and constant conversation.

  • Oh yeah, and there were bad!porn movies, and lots of them. Skeery!

  • Thanks go to gingerpig for organising it and acting as head wrangler and chauffeur. *horbles you* :P
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