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Four drabbles for open_on_sunday

Author: darkhavens
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG13.
For: Sunday 100 Challenge. Tori Amos song titles.
A/N: These are four completely unconnected drabbles, not meant to be read in any particular order.


I didn't know I loved him... until I saw him like that.
I didn't know I could love him... until I saw him like that.
I didn't know how much he needed to be loved... until I saw him like that.

The burns lasted for days because he refused to feed. Refused human blood because he felt he was not worthy. So every day I cleaned the taint of the cross from his skin and loved him as much as he'd let me.

He sleeps in my closet now, trusting me to keep the nightmares at bay. And I will.


Heart Attack at 23

For years he'd been fighting vampires and all manner of demons. More than enough to scare the life out of him a thousand times over, but he always bounced back. Often bruised, sometimes broken, but ever ready to get up and try again.

Yet now he was attached to machines whose sole purpose was to keep him alive because his heart had given out while he was reading blueprints.

He looked at the clock again and prayed that his lover and his best friend would arrive in time to turn him and restore his soul.

"Hurry. Spike. Willow. Please hurry..."


Operation Peter Pan

Trust Xander to come up with a totally irreverent name for something of such far-reaching importance.

Spike looked around the room for what seemed like the hundredth time.

Orb of Thessula? Check.
Soul restoration spell? Check.
Plenty of blood ready? Check.
Twinkies? Check.

Yeah, well, he already knew that was long gone. Why else would he have fallen so deeply in love with the Slayer's White Knight that he wanted to keep the boy's soul intact when he was turned?

A slight shush of movement, cotton against skin, came from the bed, and Spike turned back.

"Wake, Childe. Feed."


Precious Things


The love in his eyes when he looks at me.
The softness of his hair against my cheek as he sleeps.
The grace and elegance of his movements in battle.
The joy in his laugh each time he remembers he's not on the outside any more.


The trust he shows every time he turns his back to the demon in me.
The way he holds me in his sleep, as if he'll never let go, whatever happens.
The fact that he told his friends not to make him choose because they'd lose.
The promise to be mine forever.
Tags: btvs:s/x:misc

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