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Flist swap meme

circe_tigana is hosting an Flist swap for the second year running, and I decided to play. :o)

I got luxanebulis, who actually shares a few of my interests, though not all are actually listed on my interests list:
douglas adams - I've been a fan for over 20 years. ::suddenly feels old::
books - looks around at the stacks of books, and stacks of boxes of books... yeah. Right. ;o)
fan fiction - well hell yeah!
harry potter, lord of the rings, watership down - all favourites here. Fiver! ::sniffles::
and last but definitely not least - rocky horror picture show! It's just a jump to the left...

She has a relatively small flist, which is good cos I really don't have time to read my hundred+ and someone else's. :P

This is what I got upto in her flist...

I followed a link in a post in quickquote, a Harry Potter community similar to the su_herald. The link led to a post another HP community, pornish_pixies, a Sirius/Remus fic called 'A Girl Like Me' by violet_quill. Strictly speaking it was het, as there was a little genderswap spellwork done, but it was delightfully amusing and also porny. I received the HP3 DVD for Xmas and love the shippiness of S/R a little bit more every time I rewatch. If you enjoy Padfoot, go and read. Or just go see what I'm waffling about.

Still with the HP - dudes, why don't we have such wonderful pretty art-work in our fandom? Where are all the pen-and-inkers, the pastel people, the watercolourists? Paint me some Spander, people! </jealous>

In related news, I am in love with this desk, and would love to have a dragon skull sitting on top of my bookshelves!

absolutionis did this Resolution generator twice, and got 'Take over the world' and 'Have at least one orgasm per hour', which is totally unfair, because when I did it I got 'bing back disco'. Yes, you read that right 'bing'. WTF? *g*

I learned from ophelia35173 that Pablo Casals moans while he's playing the Schumann Cello Concerto in A minor - at least on the recording she was listening to as she posted. That freaks me out. A moaning cellist. Perhaps he'd trapped a nut?

Also, the HP fandom is just as perverted and dirty-minded as us - "sparklinblossom wants to know if there would be interest in a Fred/George and Fred/George/other community". FYI, Fred and George are identical twins. Twincest! Hee!

art2therescue and pr0n2therescue are two communities auctioning off art to raise money for tsunami relief.

So, that was a fun little stroll through someone else's life. Hope she enjoys her stroll through mine. (Porn, porn, more porn. What's not to love?)
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