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The Best Mistakes, a series of 4 drabbles for slashthedrabble challenge #4 - Mistakes

Author: darkhavens
Title: The Best Mistakes
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG-13 for languages and all your dirty minds ;o)
Email: darkhavens@slashverse.com
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Originally posted: here

The Unwanted Gift

Looking back, he'd been a bloody idiot.

How many years had he wasted, running after one contrary bitch after another, while the solution had been there, right under his nose? Hell, Peaches had practically handed the boy over on a silver platter and what had he done? Brushed him aside to try for a hat trick of Slayers, and hadn't that worked out well. All he'd managed to do was bugger up carefully laid plans and get stuck on a rollercoaster of fun and giggles that ended with him chipped and defenceless, dependent on goodwill.

Still, now he was here...

Accents and Independence

Maybe his biggest mistake was moving into the basement. Okay, so it meant he had some independence and he didn't have to see his parents very often, but it also meant that he was the one who got stuck vamp-sitting when Giles finally managed to score some action. Not that he was jealous, but hey, statistically speaking, a teenaged California boy should have much more chance of getting lucky than a middle-aged ex-librarian. Maybe it was the accent?

"Oi! Harris! If you're quite done daydreaming about having me all tied up and at your mercy..."

Oh. It was the accent.

Tempt the Devil

He hadn't done it on purpose. Not consciously, anyway. He'd been in a hurry, is all. Work had run late and he'd raced home and into the bathroom to shower, barely acknowledging the resident vampire sprawled out on the sofa. He'd just... forgotten... to grab some clean clothes on his way through, and there was no way he was putting those grease-encrusted things back on now he was all sweet-smelling and...

He really hadn't been trying to tempt the devil, like Spike accused him, but when he'd dropped the sock he just bent over to... and the towel had... Oops?

Show and Tell

They probably should have figured out a way to tell the girls, but every time the subject came up in conversation they'd get distracted by remembrances and re-enactments and suddenly they'd be late, again, and have to run. And they really should have remembered to lock the door when they got home, because having the entire Scooby Gang walk in and find them naked on the bed with all those toys was just too dangerous. The bad puns about stakes and spikes and demon magnetism falling from Buffy's lips as she advanced with Mr Pointy clutched tight were simply agonising.

Tags: btvs:s/x:misc

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