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02 December 2004 @ 10:10 pm
Putting on the Pimp hat again... and again...
No, it's not Spander, but it still looks like an interesting project, so here I am to tell you all to go and look at watchersdiaries:

WANTED: Writers who can compose a story set in the Joss-verse, but with original characters and in time periods other than the ones Joss & Co. have shown us.

At the Watcher's Diaries we ask the question, "What kind of slayer/vampire would you be?".
Good or Evil ? Pick a side, and tell us your story.

It should provide a few entertaining reads!


Now, it's that time of the week again - slashthedrabble's second challenge is due to be posted in a couple of hours and we'd love to see more fandoms represented. Go check out the memories to see what happened last week. :o)

What I'd like is to see this community pimped around other fandoms. I know many of you read and or write in other fandoms, so get pimping! Fanfic community journals are usually pretty good about allowing one-time pimps like that, but if you're not sure, email a mod and ask! The more fandoms we get represented the wider our appeal and the more slashy drabbles we get to see!