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Happy Spanderversary to me!

I can hardly believe that I read my first Spander a year ago today.

I'd never been interested in fanfic before, but a friend (waves to malfoywench) was writing a Harry Potter NC17 D/s Lucius Malfoy/OFC and I decided to take a peek, and thus began my adventures. I liked the idea of playing with the creations of others, and enjoyed the beta work I did on the last few chapters, and then it was finished and I was at a loose end and bored. What to do?

I'd been on LJ for a little while, and knew there were communities for just about everything, so I searched for fanfic and chose the fandom Buffy because I liked the show. Then I followed a link and found either a community or journal (I can't remember, dammit!) with a long list of fic sites.

One link was to Alexandria Brown's website (now defunct), and after reading the little note next to the link I couldn't resist. Spike and Xander? Once I'd recovered from my minor bout of hysteria at the thought of such a thing being written, and recommended, I thought 'what the hell, it'll pass the time and give me something to giggle over'.

And then I read 'Waiting Here', and I was hooked. Several tissues later, I sent literati to the site and told her to read it now, dammit! and she did. Which is why she's now a slashfiend too, though she spreads herself about a bit with Sirius/Remus in HP, Mulder/Krycek in the X-Files, and while she enjoys Spander and a bit of Giles/Wes tie kink, she's recently confessed that she's a Spangelwhore, after tormenting me with her 'sekrit and forbidden' pairing for weeks.

Anyway, six days after I started reading, I started writing, and that resulted in the WiP called Step By Step, which has been, and continues to be, a learning experience.

And suddenly a year has gone past, and while it seems like almost no time at all, when I look at my flist I see I've made so many new friends, and I've built up a community that has far surpassed my every expectation, and I am so very very happy that I got bored and went wandering about LJ searching for entertainment.

Hugs and kisses to my flist, my readers, and the various anonymi who lurk in the shadows. Thanks for making this past year so much fun!


And before I forget - literati is posting beautiful Spander icons and headers today at fall_for_sx. Go on over and see!
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