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That RecMeme Thing that keeps getting BIGGER

I got recced by amejisuto so here goes...:

(Started by nashmaveric)
I'll rec three writers, pointing out two of their stories that I love. These three writers will copy/paste the list to their journal and add three more. Kinda like a pay-it-forward thing. Recs cannot be repeated so each new person must read the list and make sure they don't rec a writer that's on it. Making sense so far? By the end of this there should be like a million billion recs! Or something. Just thought it'd be fun ::smile::

From nashmaveric:

1. reremouse Mainly for the newspaper!verse. I re-read every single story last weekend. A lot of the stories made me laugh, a couple made me cry, and a whoooole bunch made me need a cold shower! Also love the psychic!verse. The set up is wonderful and Xander's voice is very compelling.

2. tabaqui If you're not reading Changes then you're missing out on a hell of a great story! The simplest thing I can say about it is that it feels real. Like the series could actually have gone that way. The characters are beautifully portrayed, their voices are true and look! Derio! ::grin:: Second rec, I'm torn between Credence and Hero. I'll go for Hero. Cause it made me cry. It's a human AU in which Spike takes care of a kinda delusional Xander (that'd be putting it mildly). It's wonderful and like I said, it made me cry.

3. crazydiamondsue Sunday Morning Coming Down. Read it. No really, read it. Set post-Glory. The scoobs are dealing with Buffy's death. Spike and Xander get close and I don't know what happens next cause she hasn't posted it! ::pouts:: And also Rodeo. She wrote that for me ::proud grin:: It's a cowboy AU, set in a gay rodeo (did you know they had those? Cause I didn't!) Xander's the new guy and Angel's the old champion guy. It's hot and lovely and I'm still hoping for a sequel. ::optimistic smile::

From amejusito:

4. darkhavens I love her Grungefic, which was just updated yesterday. Powerful Season One Spander with Spike taking care of Xander who's grieving for Jesse. And she has oodles of drabbles which are lovely to read based on the open_on_sunday challenges. Great stuff.

5. suki_blue My dear friend has the wonderful From Out of Nowhere series which has romance and adventure and angst. Fun to read Spander. I got a sneak peek at her next one and boy is it good!! And her Facing Fear series about to finish up? Is freaking hilarious!! With a sick Xander and a Spike that's afraid of spiders it's a classic in the making!

6. kyrieane If you haven't drooled over the Giovanni Series you are missing out on a lot of steamy Spander smut!! And her Ride a Cowboy series started the trend for Spike and Xander in leather chaps.

From suki_blue:

7. cleeaz You just have to read Working Man, it's just fantastic. A wonderful portrayal of an independant and confident Xander. (The eye patch is incredibly sexy!) And I just love her WIP, Future Hope, i'm on the edge of my seat with that one. (Am also on my knees praying for a X/S/A threesome!)

8. amejisuto Just two many bloody good stories to mention. Ame really has something for everyone. My favs. WIP Blood Ties, this is one of the best Mpregs ever written. It's funny, angsty and just makes you wanna rescue the boys and kick some ass! And the second one, Cats and Dogs. Spike and Xan get turned into domestic pets. Spike is a cat and Xan is a dog. Very funny, and Xan as a dog? Spot on. If he was a dog, he'd be just like this!!!

9. flufshepherd I am just loving Fluffy's beatles playlist. H/C with Spike helping out a depressed Xander. And also love Sour Revenge, which is where Xander casts that naughty little love spell, but with a bloody good twist!!! ~gets on knees and begs for more of both~

From crazydiamondsue:

10. mirasol I started reading Bear’s Universally Speaking on bloodclaim and friended her. It’s a Season 3 – 4 Spander that is a sequel to her “Superheroes” story. (You don’t have to read “Superheroes” to get “Universally Speaking,” but you won’t regret it if you do.) It’s amazing – great interaction between S/X and wonderful dialogue. Then she answered spikeswilngslav’s request for brother!kink on fall_for_sx and started Catamite. It’s Human AU, and Spike and Xander are brothers. This story has nothing to do with kink – it’s all about the emotion.

11. jstabe I can’t remember how I started reading Jenn’s Playing Games, a role playing series with a partnered Spike and Xander and very willing Angel. She writes the role playing in character (i.e. if Spike is the “professor” and Xander is the “student” you see them in that moment in the scene.) It’s fantastic and lets me have Spander, Spangel and Xangel at the same time. She’s also started a new S/X WIP, “The Crush” (Season 4 Spander) Part One and Part Two. Lovely “Oh, crap – Spike is hot!” moments from Xander.

12. cityphonelines Everybody’s entitled one wanky rec, right? Yes, she’s my beta and one of my best LJ friends. She’s also a fantastic writer and she’s working on an amazing post “Not Fade Away” WIP: Pay No Mind to the Rabble Spike/Xander/Other. Fantastic Dru voice, fantastic Illyria voice. Dru and Illyria in the same fic? Oh, hell yeah. And if you missed her Beatles Song Titles ficlet call, it’s here: Beatles Ficlets. My favorites are “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” and “Why Don’t We Do It In the Road?”

From tabaqui:

13. margarks She's writing a lovely S/X Human AU called 'Tumbleweeds' and yes - cowboys!!! Pretty and angsty, not too many chapters just yet, but there's Sherrif Angel and his boyfriend/brother of Will Wes!! Whoot! You'll be glad you read it.

14. kimberly_fan is writing part two of 'It's Just a Jump to the Left', entitled 'Late Night Double Feature'. Look in her memories or mine. Absolutely lovely, slightly dark, angsty, sexy Spander with all kinds of kinks and twists.

15. tesla321 is writing an Xover with the X-files in which MULDER is a vamp. 'Vamp!Mulder' or - 'There is no Seven' is fun, funny, sexy, has Spikey goodness and snarky Lindsey and... Go! Read!

16. abundantlyqueer has written so MANY good things, but for a change of pace try 'Mardi Gras', a LOTRips set in New Orleans. VoodooPriest Viggo! Hustler!Elijah! Dom the Gambler and Orlando the movie star with a COMPLETE 'other' cast of a 'MardiGras!Verse' LOTR that never happened. It's dark and skeery and hot and angsty and weird and GOOD, so good.

From cityphonelines:

17. twilightsfic Theories which starts out as Xander/Forrest but is ultimately Spander, ultimately long (good to sit down for a spell with) and ulimately hot. Also, The Poet and the Carpenter, a human AU in which William is poet and a professor and Xander works at Home Depot. They meet, hotness ensues.

18. evilmaniclaugh Alone Again Or...: Don't blow it off as just Spangel Human AU Daddy!kink, yeah it's there but, damn this is so much more than that. Epic; it rips my heart out, puts me together for moments and slices me open again. I crave this fic. Hot and painful and so fucking real! Also, on a funny note, 'cause she can bring the funny/silly in what she calls the Stupidverse: An Unfortunate Series of Accidents. Completely OOC Spangel sex high jinx set in AtS season 5. Fun-ny.

19. tgray Discoveries: The first Human AU Spander I ever stumbled across. Set in college, it starts off mildy Spuffy, but it's really not. Hell, y'all know, your reading it right? And Dream of You which begins a few years post-Chosen, Xander fills out an application for an escort service and gets exactly what he wants: Spike. Only Spike doesn't know who Xander is. I'm hoping this will nudge her to not abandon this fic forever.

From darkhavens:

20. txrabbit: The Gift - When Angel offers Xander up to Spike at Parent Teacher Night... Spike accepts, claims Xander as his Consort and sets off on a new life with him. Then something happens to make them return to Sunnydale and all hell breaks loose. It starts off in my favourite episode, so how could I not love this fic? And The New Orleans Drabbles (two thirds of the way down the page) - and no, not only because it was my drabble request that spawned the series. They're hot and evocative, and you can practically smell/see/hear Nawlins. *g*

21. winterlive: Affected - Human AU punk boi Spander. Spike is a rock star in London and Xander is a Sunnydale teenager alone in London, trying to be punk. Spike takes a shine... Read it, love it. It's hot and pretty. It's also a WiP but don't let that put you off! And Chiaroscuro - another human AU, with artist Xander going to a D/s club to hire a sub... so he can finish his painting. Unbelievably erotic and very stimulating. Enjoy!

22. secondverse AKA Yindagger: Long Time Gone - "Xander's been away for eight years having a normal life. That's all been shot to hell and he's come back to Sunnydale looking for a little help from his friends, and Spike." That's the official quote people, I couldn't put it any better. And Shame The Devil - the ultimate in Rockstar!Spike stories, sadly unfinished, though she does occasionally dip her toe back into the 'verse for the odd drabble or two. It's a wonderful story, and well worth a read! I've even dabbled in the 'verse myself (with permission, of course) with The Letter.
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