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Series of 7 for open_on_sunday challenge #86 - Watching

Author: darkhavens
Title: Just Watch
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: PG
Email: darkhavens@slashverse.com
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.


The fascination was irresistible. A second vampire-human relationship forming, right under his nose? It was a constant struggle to prevent himself from taking notes.

And while that first union had been unexpected, it was nothing compared to the shock with which he greeted this new development.

Xander Harris, vampire-hater extraordinaire, and Spike, William the Bloody, one fourth of the Scourge of Europe. If he hadn't seen it himself he never would have believed such a thing was possible.

But there it was, laid out for all to see. Subtle touches, lingering eye contact, and soft smiles from a Master Vampire.


Dragging his eyes away from those pale, agile, wickedly sinful fingers, he cast a covert glance across the table at Buffy. She didn't approve, there was no surprise there, but he wondered sometimes if it was the vampire thing, the Spike thing, or the jealousy thing that stopped her from seeing he'd finally found The One he could be happy with.

Every Scooby meeting was the same. After the meet and greet and a quick catch up on gossip, Buffy would find somewhere to sit that gave her a clear view of Spike, and she'd watch, and pet Mr Pointy.


She always felt more comfortable with a stake at hand with him around. Her slayer-sense, that voice in the back of her head that chanted 'vampire, vampire, kill, kill, kill!' had never quite got used to being in the room with a stone cold killer, even though, for the moment, he was practically de-fanged. And now that killer was... dating her friend. Actual dating - pool games at the Bronze, movie nights, and Spike had even managed to get Xander to go to the theatre. Twice. It was confusing.

And so she watched, and tried to understand how they fit together.


Maybe if I'd been a demon, or... or a guy demon, he'd have noticed me, seen me. It's not that I want him now, I've got Tara, and... I love her, but why didn't he ever look at me like that? I was always there for him; I never tried to kill him. Maybe I should have, Maybe that's his thing. Maybe he's a fear junkie, getting off on the thrill of being so close to death and...

Willow mentally slapped herself. Xander, a fear junkie? Maybe in another dimension. Here, he's just in love... with a vampire... guy. Wiggins!


Red keeps looking at my boy like there's something wrong with him. I can feel the magic bubbling under her skin trying to break free. Oh, she'd love to get Xander away from me, all tucked up safe in the bosom of his real friends. Doesn't care that I've been looking out for him for months now, picking off the uglies that try for him while he's covering their backs.

Nearly choked when he made that crack about being a demon magnet. Doesn't have a clue how right he is. But he's mine, and if she makes a move, I'll...


Tara watches Willow watching Xander watching Buffy watching Spike watching Willow, and shares a rueful look with Mr Giles. The Watcher smiles, glances toward the notepad and pencil at his hand and then shakes his head.

She sees the need in him to write it down, to question thoroughly, and also sees the hint of gleeful Ripper in his eyes, cheering on the demon who brings chaos into their midst.

She sees the battle raging between Buffy's instinct and her heart. She sees that Willow wants to understand why it wasn't her.

But most of all, she sees the love.

The Audience

"Spike, what's that little round thing on top of the computer monitor? Did you get yourself a new toy?"

Sharp teeth nip at his collarbone in reply, and Xander retaliates by digging callused fingers into sensitive ribs.

"Hey! Stop it, git! I don't want everyone knowing I'm ticklish!"


"Oh my god! Is that a webcam?" Xander grabs a handful of short blond curls and tugs Spike up to face him. "Tell me we didn't just have wild hot monkey sex for two hours for the whole world to see."

"Not the whole world, Xan. Not everyone's on the internet."

Tags: btvs:s/x:misc

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