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Two drabbles, for _beetle_ and savoytruffle

A while ago, I succumbed to the 'Drabble my first lines' meme, and promised everyone a drabble in return. Two people have waited patiently for their reciprocal drabbles, savoytruffle and _beetle_.

Now, _beetle_ didn't just choose a first line and write me a drabble. No, she went off and drabbled every first line I'd posted, and put them all together in a wonderful sequence here.

I know this doesn't do justice to such an epic, but today this first line produced the following scene in my head and it wouldn't go away. (100 words exactly.)


"Yeah, you wish."

"Damn right I do! I wish they could all see us together like this so we wouldn't have to keep skulking around and jumping apart every time we hear a bloody flea fart!"

There was a rather unpleasant lurching sensation and then a thump, as the intertwined couple fell the last few inches to the floor of the Magic Box.

The stunned silence hit them like a ton of bricks, and they slowly separated their gazes and peered around at the startled occupants of the room.

"Uh... Hi Buffy. Willow. Tara. G-man. Oz, dude! And Deadboy, Cordy..."


savoytruffle wrote me two drabbles, here and here. She requested '"long weekend" or "days off." how about something along those lines?' (Another 100 words, cos I'm feeling strict today.)


Xander levered himself up and swung his legs over the side of the bed. Gods, he hurt! Every muscle in his back, legs and arms, along with others he didn't want to think about, hummed and burned and did nothing to keep him upright.



"Spike, next time there's a three day weekend, could we do something less energetic, like, oh, I don't know... run a midnight marathon? Climb a mountain? Sign up for some kind of endurance course?"


"It's not that I didn't enjoy spending three whole days in bed with you, but it's nearly killed me!"
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