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More drabbles written for the 'first line' meme.

These have all been written off-the-cuff, and are not beta'd. They may end up spawning new fics, just like the first bunch I did. I'm drowning in bunnies over here!

This first one is for nephir, who wrote me a drabble you can find here, and who asked for 'either growly!hyena!Xander with dominant!Spike or neglected!Xander and comforting!Spike'. I went with hyena!Xander because I haven't done that before... It kinda got out of control. *g*

With almost inevitable predictability, the backlash from the spirit-releasing spell was visited solely upon Xander. Everyone froze at the soft, animalistic sounds coming from under the desk where he had, just that split second too late, dived for cover.

Almost as one, the entire Scooby gang, reluctant vampire sidekick included, bent over to peer through the forest of chair and table legs. Xander, crouched on all fours, glared balefully back at them, eyes an eldritch, luminous green.

"That... wasn't supposed to happen," whispered Willow apologetically.

"What the hell did you do to him, Red?"

Spike was stunned. And intrigued. The creature under the Magic Box table was certainly not the goofy boy he'd spent the last couple of years winding up with snark and completely unrecognised innuendo. This? This was something else entirely. Every muscle in that badly dressed body was tensed in readiness for fight or flight, and Spike could hardly wait to see it spring into action.

"I... I don't know. Giles?"

Buffy took a single step forward, and was halted by the primal growl that raised every hackle in the room.

"I believe I know what's happened. I wouldn't try to get any closer, Buffy. If I'm right, the hyena spirit has regained possession of Xander's body."

Spike blinked. Hyena spirit? Regained control? What the...? Belatedly, he realised Giles was still talking, and tuned back into the conversation.

"...understand why he never told us. It must have been obvious almost immediately that the spell hadn't worked properly and that some part of the hyena spirit still remained. He's kept this secret for years. I must say, I never imagined..."

Spike tuned out again, focussing entirely on Xander. He could smell the boy's confusion and fear; both almost drowned out by a deep dark wave of need and hunger that had Spike's demon howling with glee. Oh, this beast could be so much fun, if only...

His instinctive move forward was stayed by Buffy's hand knotting in the back of his collar.

"Where do you think you're going, Spike?" Turning away before he could even consider answering, she spoke again. "Giles, is he gonna try to attack me again? Only, last time I had to hit him over the head with a desk to knock him out and I'm wondering what furniture you're willing to sacrifice to the cause if I have to do it again."

The question caused a hushed, frantic discussion, and as a result, Spike was the only one to see the Xander-creature slink out from under the desk and edge cautiously around the room, always staying low, using various pieces of furniture as cover.

The vampire watched in reluctant admiration as the Scooby launched himself at Buffy's back, taking her down to the floor in one smooth move, and holding her there by the simple act of locking his teeth on the back of her neck as his limbs pinned hers in an inelegant sprawl.

Willow squawked, Tara paled, and Giles began to polish.

Xander began to grind himself into Buffy's prone body, a frustrated growl building as he apparently failed to get the response he wanted. Teeth clamped down harder and Buffy whimpered, not daring to move for fear that he would be able to damage her spinal cord before she was completely free.

To everyone's surprise, Xander stopped moving as soon as he heard her whimper. He took one long sniff, jaws still locked, and in one smooth move was up, leaving Buffy lying stunned on the floor as he prowled towards Spike.

The vampire smirked as the boy approached. Bloody hell, he'd never seen Harris move like this before. Where was all this grace and coiled beauty when he was flailing about on the dance floor at the Bronze?

His thoughts were derailed as Xander moved in close and buried his head in the crook of Spike's neck. Another long sniff was followed by a happy-sounding growl, and Spike felt, for the first time in way too long, the touch of teeth on his throat. For one second he was tempted to let the hyena have its way, but a better idea hatched full-blown behind his eyes.

One swift glance told him that in the few long seconds since Xander had released his first prize, everyone was still gathered around Buffy, fussing over the blood slowly dribbling from under her hairline where one blunt tooth had broken the skin. The scent of Slayer blood was strong in the room, but Spike found himself much more interested in his new friend, the one whose teeth were about to bury themselves in his flesh, and he simply couldn't allow that to happen.

In one smooth movement, Spike blocked Xander's attempt to bite and claim him as pack, an instinct his demon knew well, and instead spun the boy around and bent him down, reversing the hold so that Xander was the lower of the two. Before there was time to struggle or think, Spike buried his fangs in the warm throat and tasted fresh blood for the first time in what seemed like forever. Xander whimpered, shuddered and was still, and Spike was hit by a blast of pheromones that told him his dominance had been accepted.

"Oh Gods! Xander! Spike! What...?"

Willow's shriek broke the spell, and Spike tore himself free of the bloodlust, rejoicing in the fact that the chip hadn't even sparked. Without sparing even a glance back towards the others, he grabbed Xander by the arm and ran. He knew the boy had parked just around the corner, and the car would get them far enough away so that he might take the time to think about what had just happened and maybe even plan a little.

He had a pet to take care of now. A pet who, with the right training, could take care of him. In all sorts of ways...


For margarks, and her first line is my first line. ;o)

Spike threaded his fingers through Xander's silky hair, urging the boy on.

“That’s it, baby. You drink as much as you need to, pet. I’ll treat you right. Better than Angelus and Dru ever treated me. You’ll want for nothing, I promise, and I’ll teach you how to be a proper vampire, not like the psychotic creatures Angelus delighted in making. I know I’ve never been a Sire before, but, if nothing else, I’ve learned what not to do.”

As the newborn vampire fed from the specially opened cut above his nipple, Spike kept up the soothing rumble of promises and the gentle petting and stroking that seemed to calm the latest member of the Aurelius clan. And as he spoke, he made plans…


For brynspikess, who wrote me two drabbles, both of which can be found here. Again, her first line is my first line.

A whisper, a shift in the air like the beginning of a storm, and Drusilla's eyes opened. Seemingly without thought, she reached to one side and carelessly tore out the throat of her bedmate and lover of two years standing, wanting only to be dressed and on her way without having to worry about him expecting to go with her.

In less than an hour she was on the road, the sun-proofed Cherokee a far cry from the old Desoto she had travelled in for oh so many years. She mentally thanked her newly dead lover for the patience and persistence he had shown in teaching her to drive, and then his existence was swept from her mind.

Dru had more important things than him to think about now. Her Dark Kitten had become part of the family, and she wouldn’t be much of a Grandmama if she didn’t go and pay her respects, now would she?


fitbitcabear wrote me this, and gave me the prompt 'Xander's jealous when Spike hears from Angel' so I could write one in return.

Spike snatched up the cell before the first ring even finished, and Xander froze, just inside the bedroom doorway, and listened unashamedly. Obviously the call had been expected. Spike never answered the phone if he could help it, always claiming he wasn’t Xander’s bloody answering service. So, he had been waiting for the call. But who…?

“Peaches! Where the bloody hell have you been?”

Xander’s fingers knotted around the door handle, knuckles creaking from the strain. Angel?!

“What…? Yeah, last week. I expected you to call me back a lot sooner than this, you ignorant git.”

Xander blinked at that. Spike had called Angel and not told him? Why would he…?

“What? Yes, this weekend!”

This weekend? Their anniversary? Xander began to feel ill. Spike couldn’t be planning to see Angel on the anniversary of their first date, could he? Did the vampire even remember when they first went out? Oh gods, he was such a girl, but Spike seemed to like that about him. He always…

“Yeah, mate. Friday through to Monday, and I don’t expect to be leaving the suite unless we need extra supplies, if you get my meaning.”

Xander stifled a sob. Spike was going to be gone the whole weekend. With Angel. He could almost feel fragments of his heart breaking away and shredding his soul as he pictured the two of them together. He’d always known Spike would never stick around for long, not with him. How could he compare to Dru, or even Angelus? He wasn’t anything special, after all, just…

“Oi! None of that, you mucky-minded potato farmer. If this all goes to plan I’ll be a married man of sorts by this time next week. Now bugger off and get everything ready so I can go and wake my Xander up. And if you call here again and he answers, try not to spoil the surprise, eh? Just pretend there’s another apocalypse or something and you need our help. That’s the line I’ll be using to get him to LA and away from all these so-called friends of his. Y’know, in the past year they’ve managed to interrupt every single romantic weekend I’ve had planned for us, but they’re not ruining this one.”

Feeling like a complete and utter jerk, Xander crawled back into bed and pulled the covers up over his head. Yeah, he was definitely turning into a girl, because now he was actually crying because his boyfriend had arranged a romantic weekend getaway for them and he’d managed to spoil the surprise with his jealousy-fuelled eavesdropping. Dammit, why couldn’t he be more like…

Hold on. Married man?!


I think that brings me up-to-date, but if I've missed anyone, please let me know. ;o)

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