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Drabbles written off the first line meme

I've been skipping around my flist and other journals writing drabbles, but never fear, Grungefic is still in the forefront of my brain, and another part will be posted shortly. ;o)

But first...

Written for secondverse, using her first line 'He has freckles now, and tan lines'.

He has freckles now, and tan lines. I swear, he spends an hour every morning in the bathroom, just checking himself out in the full-length mirror he got me to install.

Every time he thinks he's found a freckle that he didn't have the day before he calls me in to doublecheck his count. We're up to sixty-seven, but I get the sneaking feeling that he's trying for a hundred. If I catch him one more time out on the balcony in the nude I'm going to scream.

So, yeah. Me and Spike. The first I knew about that whole medallion-ghost-resurrection-blue-haired-god-dragon-Shanshu thing was when the jeep drove into town and he got out. It didn't even take a feather to knock me down. I took one look and, next thing I knew, I was flat on my ass in the dust staring up at Spike. Sunburned Spike. Spike, standing there, in painfully severe African sunshine, with a grin that wouldn't quit and a story he just couldn't wait to tell.

Who knew that killing the dragon would turn out to be the key to getting Shanshued, for the both of them. Who knew that Spike would come halfway around the world just to tell me he was glad to be alive and to thank me for not hating him so much there at the end. Stupid vam... idiot.

I know there was beer. Lots of beer. And there was whisky, and some local brew that smelled of goats and tasted... well, let's just say that goats would have been a flavourful improvement. And then there was kissing. And apologising, and then more of the kissing. And skin. Lots and lots of milk white skin...


For txrabbit, off her first line “C’mon, Daddy, please?”

“C’mon, Daddy, please?”

The various conversations that had been going on around the room fell silent as everyone turned as one to look at the tableau in the centre of the room. Spike stood there, open-mouthed, staring down at the tiny redheaded four year old hanging from his hands.

The little birthday girl smiled sweetly and leaned back, trusting the vampire not to let go.

"Please, Daddy? Do the kitty face 'gain, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?"

Ignoring the plea for him to vamp out, Spike blinked. "Why are you calling me Daddy, Poppet? Xander's your Da, you know that."

She nodded vigorously, her whole body moving back and forth.

"You and Xander-Pop make smoochie-faces just like Willow-Mommy and Mama-Tara. I want you to be my Daddy-Spike."


killerweasel wrote me this drabble, off the line 'It lived under the mattress', and I wrote this one to follow on from it...

Now, before I go to bed, the checks I make are that the doors are locked, and that the shades are drawn to keep the sunlight out.

You see, the monster spends the night beside me now. And not only does he bite, but so do I.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a monster too, at least no more than every other human male. But we’ve reached an understanding, Spike and me. Apart, we both are broken, unable to protect ourselves against full half the world, but together we take care of one another. We fight each other’s monsters.


kitty_poker1 wrote me this drabble, off my line 'Every time they met, Giles' eyes went first to Xander's neck', and requested 'Arguing. Spike and Xander do great argue. About something dumb. Um, need I say I'd like happy at the end?'

Spike blinked slowly and turned to stare in disbelief at the human sprawled next to him on the sofa.

"You have got to be taking the piss!"

"What? Why? I can't believe you don't see it! It's right there in front of you!"

"Xander, I think you need glasses. Either that or you're even bloody crazier than I thought when you first propositioned me. A Scooby making a pass at a vampire? Knew you had a screw loose, but this? This is just daft!"

"Hey! You came on to me! All those sexy innuendos and... and the stroking of the pool cues and... You were always licking the necks of your beer bottles. How was I supposed to resist, huh? But that's not the point. Here, I'll rewind so you can see it again."

"I don't care how many times you make me watch this crap, pet, I'm never going to see it."

"But... Spike, he looks exactly like you! That's why I got you that blue silk robe for Christmas!"

"Bollocks. What kind of a name is Charlemagne Bolivar anyway?"

NB: Will only make sense to people who have seen the relevant episode of Andromeda.


saifai wrote me this drabble off my line 'Cold sweat, fear of the monsters, and a twinge of wildly inappropriate, swiftly stifled, forever to be denied lust.' Then she said I could fill in the blanks, so I did...

"It's been five years, Spike. I'm not your 'Pet' any more. As if I ever really was."

The pressure on his neck increased, grinding Xander's cheek into the unforgiving brickwork. He knew without being able to see them that the fingernails digging gouges into the tender skin beneath his hairline were painted black, and were doubtless chipped. Some things never changed.

"I see you got rid of the chip. Have you come back to kill us all, just like you promised?"

Another lick, a long, slow stripe, painted up the side of his face from clavicle to brow, and then the pressure on his neck eased off. Before he had chance to draw breath, Xander was spun round and layered back against the wall, with Spike pressing up against him, hard as iron.

"You know better than that, Pet. I told you I'd be back for you once I got rid of my little... problem. It just took a little longer than expected, is all. So, did ya miss me, lover?"


gingerpig wrote me this drabble off my line 'The rules are quite simple' and gave me a selection of her first lines to choose from. I chose 'The rope's cutting into his wrists', and wrote this -

The rope's cutting into his wrists, but he can't bring himself to give a damn. Not while the sleek blond vampire with skin as pale as cream, as soft as silk, is busy tasting every exposed inch of his suntanned flesh with tiny kitten licks and wide-jawed, blunt-toothed bites that never break the skin. And, dammit, he wants the skin to break, he wants to see his demon lose control, to shift, to change, to bring those vicious-looking fangs down into hot pulsating flesh.

And the smirking, evil bastard knows it too.

“C’mon, Spike, please! I’m dying here!’

He bites.


velvetwhip wrote this drabble off my line 'The rules are quite simple', and I chose her first line 'Angelus stalked through the darkness that enveloped Sunnydale as if he owned it'.

Angelus stalked through the darkness that enveloped Sunnydale as if he owned it. It had taken him longer than expected to take care of business in L.A., but the interesting snippet of gossip that Cordelia had shared just before he snapped her neck had made all his troubles there fade to nothing. It seemed Spike had finally taken up the offer the soul had pretended to make all those years ago, and the idiot childe had actually claimed Xander Harris as his mate.

Angelus' eyes gleamed a dull gold as he fought to keep his human visage in place. He had to make this look real. He had to pretend, one last time, to be that pathetic souled wretch, and hope that Spike was too blinded by 'love' to realise until it was too late that his Sire was back, and pissed, and expecting to exercise Sire's rights over the newest member of the family. And then they'd talk about how things were going to be from now on...


kyrieane wrote me this drabble off the line 'I didn't know I loved him... until I saw him like that'. And I responded with -

I know what he’s thinking about, sitting there all curled up like a lion lazing in the hot savanna sun. He knows how much I miss the warmth of sunlight on my face, no matter how many times I’ve told him otherwise. And so, some days, he rises before dusk and goes outside to soak up any ray of sun that he can find. Exposing every inch of skin from head to toe so he can come inside and wrap himself around me, let the heat transfer from him to me. He is my ray of sun, my solar panel, my heart and soul. My Xander, who dared take a soulless evil vampire for his own.


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