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The Drabble My First Lines Meme

Here are twenty of my first lines. Drabble me a tale and I'll return the favour.

I didn't know I loved him... until I saw him like that.

Clem hates keeping secrets; they make him nervous.

Xander woke feeling sore... in odd places.

It lived under the mattress.

The rules are quite simple.

Cold sweat, fear of the monsters, and a twinge of wildly inappropriate, swiftly stifled, forever to be denied lust.

Xander stared blankly for a moment and then laughed.

I get home from work and she's all packed and ready to go.

"Spike, can I have a word with you in the kitchen, please?"

Every time they met, Giles' eyes went first to Xander's neck.

The first ring was a bracelet of bruises; a circlet of purples and greens that lingered for days.

"Tell me again what happened to your crypt, Spike."

It took him a while, but Xander finally found a way to break the pattern that was his love life.

Xander had been guilted into ferrying a book and a fractious vampire out to Angel in LA.

It was the silences that made him think.

Now the chip was history it would be so very simple to install himself as Master of Seattle.

"Xander, please tell me this is one of your lame-ass practical jokes."

Xander looked around at the various heaps of... things, that had somehow managed appear inside his //their// apartment in the short hours he'd been out.

The letter spent two days locked in the top right hand drawer of Xander's desk before Spike confronted him about it.

"I know you want everyone to know that you cooked."

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