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International Recommend-A-Movie Day - Meme

Gakked from ponders_life and others on my flist.

International Recommend-A-Movie Day. This means everyone should go to their LJ right now and tell their friends to watch a really good movie which most of them probably have not seen. And then tell more people to do it. Hopefully, we'll all have lots and lots of recommendations by the end of the day.

Pandora And The Flying Dutchman

This was made in 1951, when my mother was 3! It's a beautifully filmed, visually spectacular version of the legend of the Flying Dutchman, transferred to an upper-class English-speaking community in a small port in 1930s Spain. An early, just blooming, Ava Gardner plays Pandora, a surprisingly independent-minded singer and femme fatale with several men on her string.

The Flying Dutchman, Hendrick van der Zee, played by James Mason ::whimper:: needs to find a woman willing to give up her life for him so he can gain release from his eternal roving of the seas.

I have this on tape and watch it at least once a month. It's the most romantic film I've ever seen, the scenery is beautiful, there are several 'action' scenes (including a bullfight) and James Mason's voice does things to me I cannot put into words. ;o)
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