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More Fic: A New Experience

Author: darkhavens
Title: A New Experience
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Fandom: Buffy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Light bondage, spanking
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Summary/Prompt: Xander discovers he has a thing for spanking, thanks to our friendly neighborhood vampire.
Written for: The 101 Night Multi-Fandom Porn Challenge

A New Experience

He had just settled in for a long, slow session, smooth, deep thrusts that seemed to go on forever, complemented by gentle fingertip strokes and sweeping caresses, when the body he was loving so thoroughly began to wriggle and squirm.

"Oi! Hold still."

"Spiiike! Speed it up a bit, yeah? I'm dying here!"

He stopped moving. Fingers that had, seconds, before been dancing over heated, sweat-sheened flesh, curled inwards, gripping tan hips and holding them motionless.


"Dammit, Spike, you teased me for hours, until I was hoarse from begging you to fuck me, then you put this cock-ring on me, and now it's like you're trying to drive me completely insane with this weird barely-moving stuff." Xander tugged ineffectually at the cuffs keeping his wrists attached to the wrought iron headboard. "Just... fuck me already!"

He glared back over his shoulder and Spike felt his romantic mood of seconds past start to fray around the edges. The urge to make slow, sweet love to his new pet was fading fast and another need was growing in its place.

"I was making love to you, you complete and utter git! I was practically worshipping this bloody gorgeous body of yours. That teasing earlier was me, wanting to touch and kiss and nibble on every square inch of you; wanting to absorb the heat you generate so effortlessly and make you burn even hotter." Slim pale hips jerked forward, burying aching flesh deeper into that pulsing heat. "But if that isn't good enough for you, maybe you'd like to try something a bit different."

Tightening his grip on one angular hip, Spike drew back the other hand and landed a sharp slap across Xander's right buttock.

The effect was instantaneous. Xander gasped, shuddered and went still.

Spike frowned. "Xander? You okay, pet?"

"What? Uh... Yeah, of course I am. It wasn't like it was a real smack or anything. In fact I hardly even felt it."

Spike brought his hand down again, placing a second palm-print just below the first, and was nearly swamped by a totally unexpected wave of pheromones.

"Well now. Liked that, did you?"

Xander screwed his neck around again to glare at the grinning vampire still buried up to the root in his now mildly stinging ass.

"You hit me, Spike. I'm hardly likely to enjoy that, am I? And… Hey, why didn't the chip go off?"

Spike studied the puzzled face of his newest, youngest, terrifying fragile and humanlover, and wondered if it would ever occur to the boy that he should be scared. There he was, chained down, arse in the air, impaled by the mightily impressive cock, if he did say so himself, of a vampire that was apparently now unrestrained from ripping his throat out and drinking him down while shagging him to a bloody corpse. Didn't the idiot have any sense of self-preservation?

Spike waited a moment, and was rewarded with an impatient wiggle and not even the faintest whiff of fear or terror.

"Spike? Did the chip stop working? Are you better?" Dammit, the boy sounded hopeful! Spike was almost loath to disappoint him.

"It's working just fine, pet. Which means, however much you deny it, you enjoyed those little love taps I gave you."

Incoherent, sputtering sounds came from Xander's mouth as he tried to figure out a way to deny his lover's accusation.

"Did not!" He shrugged. "Barely even felt it, really. It was just... a shock. I wasn't expecting it."

Spike stroked the still flushed cheek appraisingly.

"So, if you were expecting it you wouldn't react so much, is that what you're saying?"

"Uh... yeah, I guess."

"Okay then. Brace yourself."


Spike luxuriated in the new rush of pheromones and the muscles that clamped deliciously around his throbbing erection.

"Liked that, yeah?"

"Hardly even noticed it. Honestly, Spike, if you'd done that to a naughty five year old the chip wouldn't've gone off."

Xander craned his neck for a third time and made eye contact. "I'm getting bored now."

Ignoring the taunt, Spike focussed on his partner's expressive eyes. There was hope there, and bravado, a bucket-load of lust and heat and want, and just a tiny tinge of fear. Spike wondered whether Xander was afraid he'd stop or afraid he'd continue. Most likely he was afraid he'd just get laughed at.

"Bored, eh?"

Swivelling back to face front, Xander braced his elbows on the mattress and angled his hips up the fraction of an inch allowed by Spike's continued grasp.

"I'm practically falling asleep on my knees, here."

Spike took that to be the 'please spank me' he knew it to be, and grinned in feral anticipation. He thrust hard once more and then completely withdrew.

"Hey! Get back...!"


"Ow! Spike! Why did...?"



"No." SMACK! "Talking." SMACK. "During." SMACK! "Punishment." SMACK!

"Oh, Jesus...." SMACK! "Punishment?"


Spike could practically hear the hot, vital blood rushing to meet his hand as he swung again, and again, his palm striking the same small area of flaming skin three, maybe four times, before moving on to the next. That was half the fun of it, with Xander never knowing quite when or where the next blow would land. And Spike made sure he didn't get into too set a rhythm, just to keep that edge of uncertainty sharp.

All too soon, Xander was a whimpering, mindless wreck, and, satisfied, Spike sat back to absorb the fiery heat that radiated out from that perfectly pretty, glowing red arse.

"Please. Spike, please..." The whisper was faint, mumbled into the depths of the mattress, but Spike understood, and eagerly moved back into position.

"Ready, pet?"

The only response he got was an impatient whine, so Spike pressed forward, once more sheathing his achingly erect cock in blood-hot, pulsing heaven. The feel of those burning buttocks hard against his belly and thighs almost made him come on the spot, and as soon as he began to move he knew it would be over in a matter of seconds.

Thrusting hard and fast, he slipped one hand under Xander's quivering belly and quickly released the cock ring, knowing as he did so that the sudden lack of pressure would...

Xander convulsed in mindless ecstasy, muscles clenching and shaking, pulling Spike even deeper into his body until the vampire shuddered and finally let go of his self-control. They came with matching screams and then collapsed.

Untold minutes later Spike eased gently out of Xander and snuggled up beside him. He rolled the barely conscious youth onto his side so they were facing one another, and then tugged the tangled sheet up to cover them both.

Xander's eyelids flickered for a while before he gathered the energy to lift them.


Spike gazed back, a serious expression on his face. "Hey. You okay?"

"Yeah, I'm..." Xander moved slightly and the cotton sheet brushed against abused flesh. He hissed. "I'm fine. I may not be able to sit down for a week, and pants may be a problem, but... I'm fine. More than fine." He leaned forward, ignoring the pull and burn of freshly forming bruises, and kissed Spike softly on the nose. "I'm more than fine. I'm... I've never... That was..." He sighed. "Wow."

The relief in Spike's eyes was quickly hidden, as was the anticipation engendered by his follow-up question. "So, do you think you might ever want to try your hand at dishing it out?"

Xander's response was everything Spike could hope for.

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