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Take Me Away From All This, 6 drabbles for challenge #77 of open_on_sunday

Author: darkhavens
Title: Take Me Away From All This
Pairing: S/X
Rating: Very definitely NC-17
Spoilers/Warnings/Squicks: None
Summary: Xander has an accident and Spike ends up being nursemaid and entertainment when they get back from the hospital.
A/N1: I apologise profusely to all Harry Potter fans. literati made me do it.
A/N2: I apologise profusely to all Dr Seuss fans.

Run, Xander, Run!

“Xander! Watch where you’re bloody going! Don’t run backwards like that!”


“Xan! Your left! On your left!”


“No! Not to your left, you stupid wanker! That’s where the fucking tree is!”

But even as he’s yelling abuse, Spike is racing across the graveyard, leaping tombstones and ignoring the remainder of the battle raging on behind him. Xander isn’t moving, and, over the stink of demon guts and perspiration, Spike can clearly smell his lover’s blood.


Dislocated shoulder. Fractured ankle. Purple lip. No concussion, but a headache lurking just behind his eyes.

“Tell me stories, Spike, about making love.”

Could They Do It On A Plane?

“Shaggin’ on an aeroplane’s pretty easy. You’ve gotta be damn quick about it, mind. With the crap they serve in-flight and in airport restaurants, there’s always someone banging on the door because they’re desperate for a shit…”


“Right. So, we’re in the cubicle, trousers down, you’re up against the sink, bending over. I’m hard against your back and then I’m in, because you’d got yourself prepared before we even got on board.”

“It’s hard and fast and dirty. I’m whispering in your ear, saying things that make you come before I’ve even had a chance to touch your cock…”

Could They Do It On A Train?

“Some of those sleeper carriages on trains are just like bunk beds, end to end, no doors, just flimsy curtains to provide a bit of privacy. Every little squeak you’d make as I fucked you would be heard by all those strangers, pretending to be asleep in their own cots. Imagine all those ears, straining to hear you beg me, “Please, Spike! Let me come!”

“Gods, Spike…”

“Shhh! Let me finish, pet. I’d make you beg so sweetly, keep you hanging till you’re sobbing for release. And then finally I’d let you come, and so would they. Because of you.”

Could They Do It In A Car?

“The real challenge is to do it while the car’s moving. The faster the better, yeah? That’s half the fun.”

“So, you’d be driving, some straight highway where you can see for miles around, no other traffic about. I’d be out of my jeans and in your lap before you ever saw me move. All scrunched down so you can still see over my shoulder as I take you out and take you in and ride you, slow and easy. I’d be hot and tight and slick, and you’d be cursing, trying to drive and stop yourself from blacking out…”

Could They Do It On A Bike?

“A moving bike’s a dangerous place to shag, but not entirely off the menu. I’d maybe have you draped belly-down across the tank, riding my cock as I rode the bike. Every slight vibration making you twitch and writhe and whimper in my lap.”

“Or maybe you’d prefer sitting behind me. You could wrap your arms around, one hand tweaking at my nipples while the other makes its way into my crotch. You’d work me hard and fast and grind yourself against my arse, iron hard in skin-tight leather trousers. We’d come together, screaming at a hundred miles an hour.”

Could They Do It On A Bus?

“I’m not shagging on a Greyhound, pet, that’s just disgusting. But… Hang on… yeah, a bus. I know a bus where we could fuck the night away.”


“The Knight Bus, Xan. All full of lovely feather beds, just wasted on those wizards who never get their end away. We’d crawl under those quilts and blankets, make a nest and then I’d strip you bare. I’d bite you, head to toe until you’re panting for my cock and then I’d spend the night inside you. All night.”

“Dammit Spike! Now every time I’m reading Harry Potter I’ll be hard!”


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