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Multiple Meme Post

Movie Meme gakked from Margie

I couldn't resist. (Any excuse to play at IMDb *g*.) I searched for my real name and came upon a film made in 2000 with a very strange summary attached. And if that wasn't odd enough, in 2003, they apparently remade it! All 15 minutes of it...

Summary: Very impressive, but what does it exactly mean?
This is a very impressive film as far as technique goes. But what does it all mean? *Note: My idea of the Plot follows* It's a beautiful short film about a wife who is celebrating her anniversary (in B&W) - she getting dinner ready and she gets flowers delivered; then a young guy (in color) walks into the same house to battle this woman (while she is naked in the bathroom) over something. Why does she want to kill this guy? I saw this elsewhere and it said there: "***** is the story of an attractive, mature woman, living with her husband in a fine country house. But all is not what it seems.

On the day of her anniversary, she is preparing a celebratory supper. But her activities are disrupted by an intruder - a scruffy young man. Is he a burglar? No... Perhaps it is her son?

Who is he, and what does he want from her?

The truth exposes their shared secret, and just how much she has sacrificed for an 'ordinary' life."

Well - I don't really know. It's like a horror film, and the son (?) in the end "castrates" himself with the knife his mother (?) just tried to kill him with; she manages by drowning him and then he wakes up and it is suggested he cut his penis off. And I ask again - what is the story here? Well, by the end the guy is gone (he will remain a ghost, I think) and the woman and her husband are having dinner, in color.

I didn't get it but was impressed by the vision, lights, sounds, music and editing. No dialogue by the way to help us through.

o.O ::is scairt::

TMI Meme

5 Things You May Not Know About My Time in School
1. I was the School Square until I was 17. (I was informed of this after losing the title by getting involved with bikers.)
2. I went to an all girls school, a decidedly vicious environment I would suggest no-one inflicts on their child(ren).
3. I always had at least one story on the go on scrap paper or in a notebook, and when I did exams I smuggled paper out of the room because I'd finish early and we weren't allowed to leave the room until the time was up so I'd write scary, depressing poetry.
4. I was 17 when I was first kissed. (See #1)
5. I used to argue Erich von Daniken vs The Bible with my Religious Ed teacher. We could spend whole periods arguing while the rest of the class worked from the set texts.

5 Things You May Not Know About The Jobs I Have Had
1. At 15 I worked in the kitchen of a local hotel. Started out washing up, graduated to sandwich making. I once spread margarine on 36 loaves of bread in one hour. ::shudders::
2 Next door to the above-mentioned hotel was the local theatre. I got stuck in the hotel lift with half the cast of Snow White and The Seven Dwarves. 4 tiny people and me, the only one who could reach the emergency phone.
3 When I was 10 I ran the school bank, and the school tuck shop, keeping the accounts for both programs, and both of them made a profit.
4 I nearly went for a job as a phone sex operator, but I missed the bus to the interview.
5 I worked at the local Citizens Advice Bureau in my home town as their computer 'expert', rewrote the resumes of all of upper management and then watched them move on to bigger and better paid jobs.

5 Things you May Not Know About My Online Life
1. This isn't the lj I started with here. I was going to have one for the 'real' me, and one for the 'strange' me. Real me never stood a chance. I live here now. ;o)
2. I spend about 8 hours a night chatting to one particular person on ICQ. ::smooches savour::
3. I was a news junkie until I discovered Spander. I would visit upto 20 news sites a day, all 'alternative' sites.
4. I am on dialup and it sucks. ::cries::
5. Most days online is more real to me than RL

5 Things you May Not Know About Where I Live
1. I'm right on the edge of Dartmoor, 'Hound of the Baskervilles' country.
2. More than half the shops in town are antique shops.
3. Buses stop running to the closest decent-sized town by 6pm.
4. You cannot buy a pizza here, to eat in or to takeaway. You want pizza, you have to cook it yourself.
5. Until recently, my local pub was the HQ of The Monster Raving Loony Party, a registered Political party.

5 Things You May Not Know About My Personality
1. I have paranoid tendencies.
2. If I trust you and you break that trust, you will never regain it, no matter what I may allow you to believe.
3. I like to be alone, but if you cut off my internet connection, the isolation would drive me nuts and I would kill you.
4. I make split-second judgements on first meeting someone, and I am very rarely ever wrong.
5. I feel guilt over the strangest things. (I think I was a Catholic in a former life.)

5 Things you May Not Know About My Home Life
1 I have one! (Kinda...)
2 I live with my babies. My babies are 6,500+ books.
3 I got married at 19, regretted it almost instantly, and my Decree Absolut was finalised on my 4th wedding anniversary. Every July 29th is a double celebration - temporary insanity and freedom!
4 My Mommie Dearest is my best friend, even though she lives in France.
5 I have had a fake, fully-decorated Christmas tree on my coffee table for over 2 1/2 years now. What? It's pretty!

5 Embarrassing Fannish Admissions I Have That you May Not Know About
1. I started writing Spander 6 days after discovering it existed because I was going to be offline for several days and couldn't bear the thought of spending those days Spander-free.
2. I actually want to spit every time Spuffy crosses my personal radar. It makes watching certain eps difficult...
3. I have only been involved in fandom for 10 months and it's become a huge part of my life.
4. I sometimes wake up just so I can jot down Spander notes that occur to me while I'm asleep.
5. I have a large collection of het porn - books, videos, vcds - and all of it is practically useless now I've discovered the joys of ('watching') gay sex. LOL!

5 Things You May Not Know That I Desperately Want
1. To win the lottery so...
2. ...I can finance and subsidise the next Writercon so everyone I love reading gets to go. :o)
3. To travel. Everywhere. I have an extensive list. (This is Kyri's answer, but I'm keeping it. I have a list too!)
4. To go back to school, and learn more. Which will happen if #1 does.
5. I want to spend a year in the basements of the Smithsonian and the British Museum to find out what they've really got hidden down there.

Five Things You May Not Know About What I Do in a Typical Day

1. Get up. Log on. Or... Get up. Go to work. Get home. Log on.
2. Leave the house too late. Every damn time I go to work. Even though it's about a 2 minute walk.
3. Read.
4. As little housework as possible.
5. Not go to sleep until it's light.

5 Things You May Not Know That Are Really Important To Me
1. My flist
2. The Porch
3. Writing
4. Reading
5. Truth
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