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'Inside the Actor's Studio' Meme

Gakked from ladycat777 and luvxander and... whoever else on my flist did it. ;o)

According to purplefeen, the host of 'Inside the Actor's Studio' has a series of questions that he asks every guest. She thought it would be cool to try it out here and see what happens.

So...I'm going to give my answers and I'd like every single person who friends me - and some of you who just lurk - to respond and then copy and paste this into your own journal. Please? Ready? Here we go:

Favorite word? Spander
Least favorite word? Bush
What turns you on? Spander
What turns you off? bush
Favorite sound? children's laughter
Least favorite sound? anything said in a Liverpool accent
Favorite curse word? bollocks
What job would you like to have other than your own? casting director
What job would you never want to explore? elephant trainer
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