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A sixth drabble for open_on_sunday challenge #71 - Invitations

entrenous88 left a comment in my journal wanting to know where the sex drabble was. Well, here it is. ;o)

Author: darkhavens
Pairing S/X
Title: Addendum to Better Late Than Never
Disclaimer: See earlier set of five (linked above)
Rating: R

Written In Blood

They moved in tandem, sweat-slick skin and cooler, alabaster flesh. Writhing, grasping, harder, faster, hotter, sounding out their love. Fingers buried deep in muscle; holding, pushing, pulling, squeezing. Wordless sounds and breathless gasps held back the shadows in the room.

They knew each other intimately now; they’d danced this dance a thousand times before, but this time there was something slightly different planned, if Xander could only keep a single brain cell focussed on his goal.

The pace of movement quickened, became frantic, and as they both began to tense and tauten, Xander rolled his head aside in silent invitation.
Tags: btvs:s/x:misc

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