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Better Late Than Never, a series of five drabbles for open_on_sunday

I hope I'm not becoming too predictable, I just can't not write these boys...

Author: darkhavens
Title: Better Late Than Never
Pairing: S/X
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.

Come In

"Tell me again what happened to your crypt, Spike."

"Got trashed, didn' it. Some gits ripped the door off, punched holes in the walls, kicked in my TV and pissed all over the place. Stinks worse than the dumpster behind the Doublemeat Palace."

"Right. And you expect me to let you stay here, why?"

"Because you're a good guy, Xander. You're a White Hat, and you'd never forgive yourself if you sent me back out into the dark and I got hurt by some human thugs out to cause trouble."

Xander sighed and held open the door.

"Come in, Spike."

We're Not A Couple!

"Did you send me this?" Xander held out a thick, cream envelope.

"Yes!" Willow bounced excitedly. "Tara and I are having a commitment ceremony and we decided to keep it all a secret and do things properly. Isn't the writing pretty? Tara addressed every one by hand, and wrote the invites out too. She wouldn't let me near the fountain pen after..."

Ignoring the hanging sentence and the boggling fact that Willow had actually managed to keep a secret, Xander focussed on the most important detail.

"It's addressed to Xander and Spike."


"Like we're a couple?"

"Um... yeah...?"


Engraved Invitation

Spike was beginning to think he might end up as crazy as Dru. In the three months since he'd moved into the apartment, he and Xander had become almost inseparable. Everywhere they went, to meetings, the Bronze, on patrol, they were always together, trading quips and sly glances. The whole gang had been watching them flirt for weeks, and every one of them had had a quiet word in his ear about what would happen if he hurt Xander. The only one who didn't seem to know they were flirting was... Xander.

"Spike? You look unhappy. Can I do anything?"

Lost In The Mail

"All this time?"

Spike nods.

"So, when we went to the Bronze... we were… dating?"

Spike nods.

"I didn't know! I kept talking to girls and, okay, so they kept walking off while I was talking, but... Hey!"

Spike nods.

"You were scaring them off! And everyone at the Bronze saw that? Saw us? Together? Being together? Like that? Before I knew?"

Spike nods.

"So that's why Paul asked about my sexy blond. I thought he meant Buffy and when I said 'not my blonde' he asked me to pass on his number. Hey!"

“Shut up and kiss me, Xan.”

Clear As A Bell

When Spike got home, all was dark and silent. Okay, he was a little later than planned, but Xander usually understood when plans were altered by patrol. He wondered where his pet had gone, and then he heard the snore.

The bedroom door swung open, and a wave of candlelight poured out. Xander lay there, sleeping in a pair of new silk boxers and a smile. An unopened tube of lube sat on a pile of towels upon the bedside table, and Spike belatedly realised his boy had chosen tonight to be the night.

Even asleep, the invitation was explicit…

Tags: btvs:s/x:misc

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