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22 July 2004 @ 01:28 am
Slash Meme
gakked from truly_tazi

Fandom Boys Will Do Boys... Thanks to us...
What Pairing popped your slash cherry?Spike/Xander
Condoms in fanfiction, Yes or No?For my boys, no, but for two live boys, yes
Positions? Any and all
Twosomes, threesomes, moresomes?Twosomes
Orgasms in fanfiction: simultaneous, bottom first, or top first?Bottom first
Vampires: Well endowed, average, or petite?Well endowed
Force: necessary, enjoyable, or disgusting?Enjoyable
Biting: necessary, enjoyable, or disgusting?Enjoyable
Love: necessary, possible, gets in the way?Possible
Lube: water, silicone, petroleum, blood, semen, none or other?Whatever works
Masturbation: only in emerencies, good practice, fun for the whole family?Fun for the whole family
Blowjobs: First times, experts, whores, no need to breathe?No need to breathe, yum!
Semen: Hate it, like it, love it, its their only food source?Love it
You like you're men: Gay, bi, vampsexual, or straight but into one guyBi
Relationship status: fuck buddies, lovers, master, slave, Status? there's a relationship?Lovers with a bit of master/slave for fun
Roles: man/woman, man/man, dom/sub, top/bottom?man/man (or vampire/man)
No options with these... just type the first thing that comes to mind.
Favorite Slash PairingSpike/Xander
Most Slashable CharacterSpike
Least Slashable CharacterRiley
Best Fic genre?Hurt/comfort
Worst Fic genre?Deathfic
Most over-used fic genre?Character-bashing
The naughtiest thing that crossed your mind while writing this survey?Chains

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