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A 10 drabble fic for open_on_sunday's challenge #67 'The 80's'

Author: darkhavens
Pairing: S/X always
Rating: PG-13 for language
Spoilers: Nope
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm meant, no money made.

Celebrate – Kool And the Gang

Xander had just turned thirty, and the decision had been made that, as he now looked old enough to buy beer and X-rated movies, just about, it was time for them to make their bond eternal. His boy, and Spike would always call him that inside his head, had planned it all in secret. Made a soundtrack for the occasion from the music of the year of his birth. He’d chosen each track especially for a loved one, here or gone, and explained his choices carefully to Spike so he’d understand just what they meant, as he played them through.

Your Kiss Is On My List – Hall And Oates

Spike knew all about the relationship-ending kiss that Xander had shared with Willow on the night he’d grabbed them both from the high school lab. And he knew that there would always be a deep, abiding love between the two, without a single worry that they might try to re-ignite the flame.

He’d seen the grief that Red still held inside her for the murdered blond witch Tara, so he wasn’t really bothered when his boy explained he’d picked this song for that one truly special line: “Because your kiss is on my list of the best things in life”.

Cordelia and Jesse
Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

The second song he’d chosen for his late best friend Jesse and the girl he always wanted but never got. And Xander fought back tears as he talked about the way that Jesse never gave up, always came back with a new approach, no matter how many times the pretty cheerleader knocked him back. And how he would have loved to be able to sing the song and mean it, ‘cause it’d mean that Jesse finally got the girl of his dreams. And then he whispered that maybe Cordy would have been better off with Jesse, so Spike kissed him.

Lady – The Commodores

This third track Xander chose, he said, because the title was so very apt. Joyce Summers was a lady, through and through; and more of a mom that his had ever been. And Spike reluctantly confessed that, after a false start or two, or three, he’d also gotten close to Buffy’s mother. They traded reminiscences, of hot chocolate, small marshmallows, milk and cookies and that one disastrous love spell. She’d been the mother of their little gang, no doubt about it; and her presence was still sorely missed by all.

Then they played the song again and sat and cuddled.

Angel Of The Morning – Juice Newton

Spike laughed hysterically when he heard the opening notes of the next track on the disc. He knew it was for Buffy and he also knew his boy had put it in to break the tension. ‘Angel of the Morning’, indeed. They sang the whole song through with awful harmonies, and then sang it through again just ‘cause they could.

There had been other songs he could have chosen, Xander said, but he hadn’t been able to resist the lure of Angel. Spike snarfed at that and offered to trade places with the Poof if Xander wanted. He didn’t want.

The Best Of Times – Styx

This next was another song that Xan had chosen for the title, and also for the quote the words were from. They summed up what had happened since his boy had met the Watcher. The best of times, the worst of times, amen. And they both wished, not out loud of course, that Giles had lived to join them on this day. He wouldn’t have approved, they knew, but would have given his blessing nonetheless because they cared enough to ask. Cared about him.

They toasted Ripper’s memory with 40-year-old scotch they’d ordered off the Internet especially for this moment.

Woman – John Lennon

If Joyce was a lady, both Xander and Spike agreed that Dawn was ‘Woman’. She knew her rights, insisted on them, never let a single man think otherwise for a minute. She embodied every ideal, beauty, brains, and sass to spare. Spike was sure that Europe would never be the same since she had ‘toured’ the artistic centres dragging Buffy in her wake. Paris, Rome, Milan, the Cote d’Azur had all been visited and weighed and photographed from every angle. And then she’d found her prince: Italian, completely penniless, but with a crumbling castle and a title. She was content.

Every Woman In The World – Air Supply

When Xander had admitted that he couldn’t go through with the wedding, Anya had been quite bitter for a minute and a half. And then she’d shrugged and thanked him for the sex and all the help while she’d been human, and admitted that D’Hoffryn had been offering for months to take her back and she’d been tempted to accept, and now she could. So now she was back to wreaking vengeance for the women of the world, and as she’d said, every woman will get dumped eventually.

Spike had grinned and said that Xander was much safer shagging him.

Urgent – Foreigner

There were many romantic love songs made in 1981, Xander had claimed. But none of them came close to how he felt about his vampire mate. And then he’d found this song while he was searching, and when he’d read the lyrics through he’d known the track was prefect for his love.

The verse that made Spike laugh the most was the one that Xander sang out loud while sitting on his lap:

“You play tricks on my mind
You're everywhere but you're so hard to find
You're not warm or sentimental
You're so extreme, you can be so temperamental”

The Turning
Time – The Alan Parsons Project

This one was for the both of them, Spike knew, and yet again the title was the key. Once Xander woke from his deathbed sleep and Willow performed the spell to stick his soul on tight, they would have an ocean of time to spend together. The ‘happy’ clause was long gone, thanks to Wesley, though no-one had dared explain to Buffy just exactly why he’d been so eager to remove that little hitch. But gone it was, which meant that they could fuck like bunnies for the next few centuries, and really, who could ask for more than that?
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