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Grungefic part 3 and SBS update

I've posted chapter 13 of my Spander WiP 'Step by Step' at my website. Giles has some questions for the boys...

And, as an added treat, here is the third part of Grungefic. it's short, but the next part is already in the works. Previous parts can be found here.

He’s pushed back on the bed and nudged and turned and just allows the vampire, Spike, to rearrange him as he wants before the blue-eyed blond slides in between the covers, right up next to him, and wraps his arms and legs around him tight.

“I could get used to cuddling up to you at night like this, so warm and cosy. You won’t try and leave us while I sleep, now will you, pretty? Won’t try to sneak out in the sunlight when you know that we can’t follow? You’d best not try it, pretty, cos I’d hate to have to hurt you but I would. You’re mine now, mine to keep and care for, hurt or harm. And you know it, deep inside you, where the pain is sharp as knives. So sleep now, and I’ll chase away the nightmares that won’t leave while you’re awake.”

And Xander sleeps, entangled in the limbs of something he’d been told to hate. And he sleeps well.


But waking’s not so simple and he fights to stay asleep with every ounce of strength he has, which isn’t much. Then hands are on his shoulders and a weight is on his stomach and a voice is pulling him back to the world outside.

“Come on, pretty. All the way out now. Don’t be hiding yourself in dreams when reality can be so much more fun.” And Xander cracks his eyelids open and discovers that the weight upon his chest is a grinning Spike. The evening’s strange events come flooding back and Xander waits a moment, braced for the shock and fear and waves of panic. Nothing comes, except a deep and gnawing hunger. For the first time in an age he wants to eat.

“What’ll it be, Pet, eat, shag or talk first? I’m not bothered.”

Xander’s stomach makes it’s choice heard quite emphatically, while Xander tries not to wonder just what shag might mean, and Spike rolls off to stand beside the bed, entirely nude and unashamed of it. His cock is standing proud and Xander stares at it, suddenly as curious as a cat. He’s only ever seen one other cock before, besides his own, and both of those were neatly trimmed before they ever knew what they were missing. This alien piece of skin is fascinating, though a small part of him knows he’s just avoiding facing up to what he’s done and where he is and who he’s with and maybe why.

A hand drifts down into his line of vision and gives a casual tug that makes him flinch. He didn’t realise foreskins were so… stretchy. And then he blinks and looks away, and down, and up and gets ensnared by laughing baby blues.

“I’d crawl back into bed, but the way your stomach’s growling I think I’d be more in danger of being bitten right now than you are. So up and at ‘em, Pet. For obvious reasons we don’t tend to keep much food about, so we’ll be going out to find us something nice to eat.”

Spike pulls him up and leads him to a door set in the corner of the room. “Have yourself a shower and do the necessary. Then get dressed but do not leave this room. Don’t want you wandering around and getting nibbled on, the minions are a pretty stupid bunch; bite first, ask questions later.”

He’s ushered through the door, which shuts behind him, and Xander looks around the tiny room. It’s obviously been utilised quite regularly, and he recalls how Jesse used to love a long hot shower when he woke up. He reaches out and turns the taps on, sets the temperature to almost tepid, then wriggles off his shorts and slides his teenage body into that cool torrent.

Barely fifteen minutes later he steps out into the bedroom, a towel around his hips and another round his shoulders like a cloak. His jeans are on the bed, as is his jacket, but the shorts and socks are new, and the silky-looking tee shirt isn’t his. It’s black and smaller than the clothes he’s used to. It looks like it will cling and fit like skin.

He shrugs and puts the outfit on, the tee shirt sticking slightly to the damp skin of his back.

“Need some help?” a whisper by his ear as two cool hands unstick the shirt and smooth it down, real slow. He stands and lets those hands iron out the wrinkles, barely twitching when they tuck the soft material under the waistband of his jeans then pat his ass.

“I’ve had that baggy thing you came in burnt; it wasn’t even fit for rags. We’ll find you something decent later on, but first, let’s eat. I’m sure there’s something nice and juicy out there for us both to sink our teeth into.”

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