darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

Apathy and procrastination are my newest addictions

Yeesh. Nearly two months since I've posted anything. What a fun time that's been!

I signed up for ae_match, with oodles of enthusiasm and ideas for fic. I wrote the first chapter of an Inception/Harry Potter crossover (Eames is a Malfoy squib, dontcha know!), building on art by the amazing pearljamz, and then... came down with a month long bout of bronchitis that had me coughing up enough green goo to provide special effects for a remake of the Exorcist. Bleh.

Once I could breathe again, I mostly slept for two weeks, told everyone I was feeling much better and started work on chapter two... and then the bronchitis boomeranged back and wiped me out for a second time.

I still feel like I want to sleep for a month and eat nothing but Tesco Midget Gems - they were all that kept me going through both bouts, odd but true. I was constantly ravenous but too wiped to crawl to the kitchen. Mommie Dearest was delivering them in bulk.

Now, every time I think 'I'll write something!' or 'Oh, dear gods, I have so many emails to wade through in my inbox, I'd better get started on that right now...', I somehow end up at neopets (I KNOW!), or playing just one last game of freecell, or urgently needing to watch this movie or the entire season x of y show.

I want to write! I just...

I started this post two hours ago, got the title in place, and realised I hadn't opened tweetdeck in forever. 106 tweets later (and a dozen linked in webpages and images and hey, while I'm on channel 4's news website, I'll just see what's been happening in the world...) I actually started to type.

ae_match is officially over, but there's a grace period until the end of September and the fic is sitting in my brain waiting to come out (and the one where Arthur is the baby of a crime family full of much larger brothers, and the one where he and Eames (are) own(ed by) a Maine Coon called Mr Charles who hates Cobb), but... words fail me.

So, how you all doin'? :D
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