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B'day thanks, Inception, VOTE!, National Poetry Month, JGL, shows

Tis International Women's Day! {{{hugs you all}}} Tis also Pancake Day! {{{feeds you all}}}

Thank you to everyone who sent me greetings and ecards and v-gifts for my birthday; you all helped make turning 41 almost painless...or maybe that was the booze.

I spent the day watching gloriously slashy tv and movies (Hawaii Five-O! Supernatural! Glee!), eating fish and chips and chocolate (though not at the same time) and drinking a cocktail I threw together from the bottles that survived Xmyth:

one measure whisky
one measure Bols banana liqueur
two measures ginger wine

After my second one of those, I was feeling no pain, and also only half of my toes, and when I shared the recipe with entrenous88, she christened it the Sassy Monkey. I suspect that says more about me than the cocktail, but I likes it, so Sassy Monkey it is! :D

Inception has eaten my brain. I still read other fandoms, and I still having ongoing fic ideas in those other fandoms which I will get to eventually, but right now, I need to consume Arthur/Eames like it is oxygen - lots and often. It is also all I've written so far this year.

I'm currently competing in the semi-finals of ae_ldws (Arthur/Eames Last Drabble Writer Standing), so if you feel like reading 4 High School AU ficlets of upto 400 words each and voting for your most and least favourites, now is the time. :D

And yes, you read that right. High School AU - a genre/cliche I never expected to find myself writing in any fandom, but there you go. Another line in the sand well and truly scuffed into oblivion.


Because of my success in writing to any and all prompts/genres chosen (so far) by the mods of ae_ldws, I have decided to sign up for something a little bit different: npmexchange: a National Poetry Month fic exchange, which has poems for prompts.

I pondered the potential insanity of it right up until five minutes before the close of signups, even though I already had my poems all chosen, and then tabaqui gave me a shove and told me to get on with it. So I did. Now I'm waiting for my prompt fandom and poem to arrive and wondering what I've let myself in for. Exciting or terrifying? YOU DECIDE!


Why did no-one tell me how awesome Joseph Gordon-Levitt is? (And if someone did, I'm so sorry I wasn't more receptive and do you have links? picspams? squee I can squee along to?)

Until I watched Inception, I knew him mainly as the know-it-all kid with floppy hair from '3rd Rock from the Sun' - cute but nothing special.


In the last few days, I've watched a bunch of his movies and I am in awe. (And a little bit in lust.) 'Mysterious Skin' blew me away. It simultaneously made me want to lick his hipbones and smother him with non-sexualized affection.

'Brick' fits neatly into my headcanon. Before Arthur grew up to be Arthur, he was Brendan. Someone needs to write that. Often.

'Killshot' has him playing a sleazy upstart killer who thinks he's much smarter and more important than he really is. He's all sleeveless tees, tattooed hands, cowboy boots and long, greasy hair. And now I want JGL to play a real psychopath because I think it would be epic.


Shows I am watching in case you want to come squee with me;

Bedlam (all kinds of creepy); Big Bang Theory (because Sheldon makes me laugh no matter how crappy I'm feeling); Castle, because NATHAN FILLION; Criminal Minds, for Reid and Morgan and Garcia, gods bless her! (and for the moment; Criminal Minds: Spinoff Bollocks, until the inanity and lack of chemistry completely destroys my will to waste time on it); the CSIs - dumb but pretty; Glee (though I still have some catching up to do, dammit! I need my Glee-love back!); Hawaii Five-O, because the bromance is epic and the scenery is hypnotic and Chin's cheekbones are WOAH; Lie To Me because Tim Roth is having so much fun being a total bastard; The Mentalist because Jane just keeps working that 'Who, me?' smile and looks damn fine in a three piece suit; NCIS because Mark Harmon was my first crush and I have loved him since I was nine, and he gets to work with Illya Kuryakin!; Supernatural (pretty, pretty, snark, angels, demons, pretty, snark); and White Collar, for the hat. ;)

Oh! And "War of the Worlds: The Second Invasion" (1988), in all its cheesy, craptastic special effects glory. And it only took me most of the last 10 years to find it. :D

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