darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

Happy LJversary to meeeee!

So, tomorrow, at sparrowfart o'clock, I am off to Horbling, but today, darkhavens is seven years old. SEVEN YEARS!

It doesn't seem like five minutes, but in 14 days it will be SEVEN YEARS since I read my very first fanfic, which was also my very first slash, which was also my very first Spander. And then another 12 days after that (after I'd stripmined the internet for every bit of Spander I could find), bloodclaim was born. *g*

So much has happened in those seven years. I spent about 2 years being mono-fannish, and then a friend snailmailed me three eps of Stargate Atlantis, because she was so certain I'd love it. And I did. ♥ It took me another year to add the third fandom to my collection - Supernatural - and after that, I just kept finding new ones. New toys to play with, new voices to pick up, new canons to break or put back together... or totally ignore. :D

During those seven years, I've collected an amazing bunch of friends, met over two dozen of them, and somehow amassed a boggling number of readers and lurkers and commenters. *hugs you all*

It's been seven years of creativity, crazy, crack and calm oases; seven years of love, laughter, learning and licentiousness.

Here's to the next seven(ty)!

Tags: horbling, lj, me

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