darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

Fic: Bleedthrough, DCU: Slade/Dick + Damian, PG13

Author: darkhavens
Title: Bleedthrough
Fandom: Pairing/Characters: DCU: Slade/Dick, Damian
Rating: PG13
Words: 1076
Spoilers: Slight spoilers for recent issues of Batman and Robin, from #10 onwards.
Concrit: Please. If you spot a typo or a grammar glitch, feel free to tell me in comments.
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Warnings/Squicks: **Reference to control issues (non-sexualised remote control of a child); non-graphic sexual references by a child.**
Summary: Blanked for spoiler content: **While Slade is controlling Damian remotely, Damian learns some things about Slade - and Dick.**
Notes: Back in July, I asked for teenyfic prompts, wrote several and then went into hibernation again without finishing the rest. This one barely got started, but suki_blue's b'day yesterday provided the (guilt-fuelled) impetus to get it written.

Suki's prompt: Could I, uh, ask for something a little different? I really want some Dick/Damian gen. Some kind of bonding thing.

Or Dick/anyone you want. Again, I'd love some kind of bonding, a step up in a relationship, something that brings them closer together.

Am I being awkward? Hee!


Dick wasn't sure what it was that woke him from his dreams until he opened his eyes and found Damian standing silently at the side of his bed looking disturbingly contemplative and... was that an overlay of grudging respect? Dick surreptitiously pinched himself, just in case this was a dream within a dream.



"Damian, what-?"

"Much as it pains me to admit it, it appears that I underestimated you, Grayson."

Dick blinked. "O-kay." With the distinct feeling he was somewhat at a disadvantage lying down while Damian just stood there and surveyed him, Dick wriggled up the bed until his shoulders were pressed against the headboard. The added verticality helped him feel a little less wary.

"While Wilson was using me like some kind of- I believe you used the phrase 'freaky meat puppet'?"

"Yeah, sorry about that. In my defence, I didn't realise you were standing right behind me, but-" Damian's sharp little '-tt-' cut into the apology and Dick lifted his hands in mock surrender. "Sorry!"

"Hmmm. While Wilson was controlling my physical body using Mother's technology, there appears to have been some sort of bleedthrough of his... feelings. Predominantly, those feelings that pertain to you."

Dicks arms dropped to his sides, hands grabbing fistfuls of quilt to prevent them shaking. This was... not good. Not good at all. Who knew what crazy shit was going through Slade Wilson's head at the best of times? And this had definitely not been one of those.


Damian's eyes flickered briefly to Dick's before dropping to study his hands. Dick didn't know whether to be relieved or worried about what had Damian so wound up he couldn't even conjure up a decently disdainful expression.

"It was quite confusing at first. I've certainly never had any reason to pay that much attention to your body before, and suddenly I was feeling things. Impossible things. Things that made no sense whatsoever, at the time. I- I was aroused. It was most disturbing."

Dick wanted very badly to close his eyes and bang his head against the wall until this latest Slade-created hell went away, but instead, he sat very still and allowed Damian to continue.

"I looked at your ass and mouth a lot, and felt nostalgia, and sorrow that ending the fight meant losing you, meant losing... that. There was fondness-" Damian practically spit the word out, "-and a rather perverse pride every time he, I, we managed to land a blow and you just kept coming back for more. And beneath it all there was a constant flow of grief and anger and... love."

There was a suspicious sheen in Damian's eyes for a brief moment, before it was blinked away, and Dick held his breath, terrified of what was coming next.

"I don't know whether Wilson realised what was happening and started feeding things through the link, or whether he just stopped holding back, but everything got clearer after that.

"He wanted to kill you, even as he regretted taking the opportunity to do it. He wanted you to die by his hand, not mine, and yet, he wants you to live forever. He admired Mother for being ruthless enough to use her own son like that, and he loathed her for it, for throwing away what had been taken from him, over and over again. He regretted not having one last chance to- I believe the phrase is 'tap that ass', though it didn’t come through in quite those terms, of course, but the meaning was unmistakeable."

Dick sat in damning silence and waited for Damian to announce that he no longer wanted to be Robin to Dick's Batman; that he couldn't remain under the same roof as someone who-

"As I said, Grayson, I underestimated you. I would never have considered you to be capable of the mental and emotional mastery necessary to be able to fuck, or rather be fucked by, an enemy without letting it screw you up. You're not nearly the perfect, lily-white hero your PR machine would have the world believe you are, and I find that strangely reassuring."

It was a sign of how badly he was shaken, Dick thought wildly, that his first impulse was to thank Damian for not leaving Batman - leaving him - in disgust, and his second was to tell the boy off for using the word 'fuck'. Instead, he turned back a corner of the quilt in invitation.

"You know, we're going to have to talk more about this, but for now, do you want to sleep in here? I wish you didn't have those things in your head, and the gods know just imagining what's going on inside Slade Wilson's head is enough to give me nightmares. No kid should have to-"

"Are you trying to lose what little respect you've earned from me during this... incident? Because comparing me to the pre-pubescent, snot-nosed brats running around this city is an ideal way to do it." Damian spared the turned back quilt a fleeting glance before folding his arms across his chest.

"Of course we'll be discussing the matter further; some of the information I gathered from your Mr Wilson may be of tactical use. His reaction to Mother, for instance, could make him a potential ally in that particular arena."

The clenched jaw and fluttered eyelashes were, Dick knew from hours of observation, the only outward signs of a carefully controlled yawn. It was only half an hour until dawn and they both needed at least a few hours sleep before continuing this conversation. Sliding down the bed and snuggling into the pillows, he flipped the other half of the bedding down further and yawned expansively. Through lowered lashes, he watched doubt and indecision chase each other across Damian's face. The boy pursed his lips and studied the empty side of the bed for a long moment before nodding once, as if to himself.

"I'll prepare a detailed report on Wilson's weaknesses after breakfast. Don't snore."

Dick stifled a grin and let his eyes slide closed as he felt the mattress give beneath the unfamiliar weight of Damian's small, stocky body.

He was almost asleep when it occurred to him that he really owed Slade a 'thank you' for strengthening the fragile bond that existed between him and Damian, and his dreams were filled with visions of how Slade would prefer him to properly convey his undying gratitude.
Tags: dcu: damian, dcu:dick/slade

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