darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

WriterconUK, here I come!

Tomorrow, at sparrow fart o'clock in the morning, I will crawl out of my pit and start throwing things with reckless abandon into a case because I'm off to a hotel in Coventry where I will spend the weekend with just_sue, kitty_poker1, thismaz, bogwitch, hesadevil, brutti_ma_buoni, kazzy_cee, lilachigh, shapinglight, curiouswombat, speakr2customrs, ningloreth, peasant_, eternal_red, quinara, hils, gillo, wildecate, daiseechain, booster17, and will be sharing a room with mirasol.

I shall return, exhausted and severely in need of an internet fix, on Sunday evening, when I shall no doubt try to read three days' worth of flist before I go to sleep. Because that's what I do. ;)

Hopefully, I'll be inspired to continue working on the tinyfic prompts I demanded from you all last month, several of which I managed to squeeze out before the muses took off again. Train journeys seem to help the flow of words, so who knows, I may return with actual porn!

Until then, be safe, be well, and don't break the internet, k?

This makes me smile every time I play it. Matt & Johnny forever! :D

And in case of embed problems: Matt Fishel - "Football Song" (Official Music Video)

No, I'm not a football fan, but this isn't your average football song. This is my kinda football song. ♥

Tags: me, writerconuk, youtube vid

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