darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

RL sucks and I need distracting: PROMPT MEEEEE!

Tinyfic prompt call! Idea ganked, again, from entrenous88. :D

I'd like to write teeny fics - possibly along the lines of a sentence/30 words, possibly longer if that's the way the story goes. So. Prompt me? Character or pairing, and a phrase or a few key words?

The usual fandoms and pairings apply -- Buffy (Spander), SPN (Dean/Sam), Stargate Atlantis (McShep), X Files (Mulder/Krycek), DC (Slade/Dick, Batman/Flash, Catman/Deadshot, Ragdoll ♥ ), Eureka (Carter/Stark), HP (Harry/Draco), Boondock Saints (Connor/Murphy), and hell, I might even give Glee (PucKurt) a try if anyone is so inclined to prompt me. You can pick non-pairing characters if you prefer, and I'll do my best, just know I'm very OTP-oriented (surprise!) so it might end up being your character of choice observing/referencing my OTP. I am nothing if not predictable. ;)

Ready? Set? Go!

ETA: 17 July, calling a halt to prompting. I still have several to work through. But never fear, I'm sure I'll do this again some time soon. (Once I've recovered. ;) )
Tags: meme, prompt me

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