darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

SFX Weekender - Best con I've ever been to!

...Also the first, but that's a teeny little detail, right? :D

I am exhausted and exhilerated and still drunk from the bottle of whisky I managed to all but empty, all by myself, last night through to six thirty this morning while cackling madly with Kitty. *thud*

There will be details aplenty tomorrow, (Spike! Ianto! My Dr Who, and Sarah Jane!) and at least one photo, but right now I have to go see what you've all been up to without me.

Of course, I already know what kitty_poker1, suki_blue, mirasol and sweet_exile have been doing, because they were right there with me in glorious Camber Sands, sharing my VIP accommodation... and we also met up with vic_amy_z, lonelybrit, princess_s and vampirefever, so there are probably con reports all over the place already.

*runs to load flist*
Tags: me, sfx weekender 2010

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