darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

Drabble Call meme

I'm giving in to peer pressure temptation and stealing this from half my flist. The first 10 people who respond to this post (with a one or two word prompt) can claim a drabble in one of the following flavours:

Spike/Xander (Buffy), John/Rodney (SGA), Dean/Sam (SPN), Bruce/Wally (DCU), Slade/Dick (DCU), Jack/Nathan (Eureka), Mulder/Krycek (X Files), Connor/Murphy (Boondock Saints), and (available only to literati, because she is relentless!) Harry/Draco (Harry Potter).

I'm supposed to say that if you make a claim you have to post this in your own journal, but it's been going around for a while now, so just... do it if you feel like it, 'k? And if you can't write, make icons! Or give out fic recs!

Wow! That filled up fast! *gets scribbling*

1. literati
2. shakatany
3. mirasol
4. outsideth3box
5. txrabbit
6. snglesrvngfrend
7. flight_wo_wings
8. ponders_life
9. tabaqui
10. suki_blue
Tags: meme, prompt me

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