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Slashgoggle activation, solitaire addiction, sexy new shows, SFX Weekender and MOAR!

This year I'm going to try and post a bit more often, not just throw fic at you all and then hide in the shadows. I hope that doesn't scare anyone off, but feel free to scroll past, or run for the hills, or defriend me at will. I promise not to sob too loudly. :P

Tomorrow I am back at work after a fun-filled week off. I didn't go anywhere, but Mommie Dearest is here and she's a laugh a minute. Here's what we've been up to.

1. MD has known for years what kind of fanfiction I write, and I've inflicted upon her several episodes of almost every fandom I've picked up.

She's agreed that Spike and Xander would make a pretty pair. She was a Jensen Ackles fangirl long before I was - her response to my mentioning his name for the first time was 'What took you so long?' She's seen the chemistry between Jack and Nathan in Eureka, and admitted that John Sheppard and Rodney McKay are definitely 'up to something' in SGA.

And then, this week, we had spontaneous slashgoggle activation. In (movie title forgotten), Gerard Butler and Chris Walker had a major eyefuck moment with a marked lack of personal space between them, and MD was heard to exclaim "Oo-er!", and when I turned to look - at her - she was wearing the grin of the newly enlightened.

Shortly thereafter, I decided it was time to start her computer training (gods help me!). I have set up my laptop on a small table between my chair and hers and taught her how to turn it on and get solitaire loaded.

We're starting with the basics - mouse control and patience. (Note the lowercase not uppercase P. :P) That, and addiction.

On Sunday, she spent three hours playing Solitaire. Yesterday she spent the better part of ten. Hours. And every fifteen to twenty minutes, I heard "It's being silly. It won't end the game but there aren't any moves left," or words to that effect. Which meant I had to stop whever I was doing so I could point out the move(s) she hadn't seen. Exhausting, and also a pain in the neck - literally, the way the laptop is positioned, but she was having so much fun I resisted the urge to pull the plug out of the wall so the battery would die. ;)

She's getting better, slowly, but I haven't let her get online yet. The world just isn't ready for that. But once she is, no more will I have to hear "Ooh, what do I know him from? Can you have a look?" She'll be able to do her own IMDb searches! *dances*

2. Some of you have probably noticed the DC comics/cartoons addiction I'm currently wrestling with.

It's getting worse. *blinks*

This past weekend, I stumbled across a link to comicsbigbang, which has a minimum wordcount of 10k. I know, it's tiny compared to some of the other BBs out there, but those bigger commitments skeer me! (Plus, this one lets me post in my own journal and then post a link to the comm - I'm becoming quite the consummate comment h0r hoarder in my old age.

Anyway, I emailed suki_blue, because an insane idea shared is an insane idea halved... or should that be doubled? Yes, definitely doubled, because those of you with both of us on your flist can now expect at least 20k of DCU fic to appear some time in May. *headdesk*

3. MD and I share some of the same tastes in TV, (Bones, the CSIs, The Mentalist, Lie to Me, NCIS, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, Dexter...) so I've been hooking her up with new shows to enjoy.

A quick run through Castle introduced her to Nathan Fillion. She thinks he's adorable, so I'm considering trying her on Firefly, even though it comes under the umbrella of 'That Sci-Fi Crap' (™MD).

White Collar definitely has her attention. She likes both Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay. We both love the banter and the humour, not to mention a good con.

She was so enamoured of Matt Bomer that I had to dig out Traveler and we power-watched our way though that in less than 2 days.

Traveler introduced her to Logan Marshall-Green, which necessitated another detour into Dark Blue, which had the added bonus of Dylan McDermott, an old favourite of hers.

She's just admitted to only ever seeing one episode of Supernatural, so that's been added to the 'To Watch' list, but first we have to watch S2-9 of X Files. We watched S1 over the past week and she's hooked. Score! I'll get her fangirling Stargate if it's the last thing I do! (Aliens is aliens, right? :P )

4. I'm off to the SFX Weekender the first weeked in February, along with suki_blue, kitty_poker1, mirasol and a new friend I have not yet had the privilege of meeting (and whose name I cannot for the life of me remember. *smacks self*). There, we will be meeting up with lonelybrit, princess_s, vampirefever and vic_amy_z for much squeeing and drinking and loud, embarrassing conversations in public. As per usual. :D

I think that just about brings me up-to-date... Oh!

5. In a previous post, I mentioned the '40 books in 2010' reading project literati and I were embarking on. (Now with added suki_blue!)

I spent Jan 1st and 2nd reading books 1-5 of the Spiderwick Chronicles, which should have been longer (or contained in one volume), but they were fun and, in places, much more gruesome than expected. Bonus: dragons!

And now I'm off to read more comics - Secret Six, from the beginning, under orders from Suki. It's a hard life. *swoons*
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