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Welcome to 2010! I hope it brings joy and laughter and good things to all. Now, a bit about the state of me. :D

Last January, I signed up for findyourwords, choosing a target of 50k for the year. I didn't quite make it, for various and sundry mostly family-related reasons, but I got close enough to put a smile on my face:

That is almost as much as I wrote in the last two years combined: 2007=25k, 2008=22k. *boggles*

So, I've decided to sign up for it again, and have once again chosen 50k, but now I'm looking at 75k and thinking... it's only just over 200 words a day, self, you know you can do it. And I have until the end of January to change my mind. *headdesk*

literati and I also set a reading target of 33 books for last year, and while she made it with whole days to spare, I didn't quite hit that target either (30/33 = 91%). Also, partway into the year, I convinced her that twelve comics equal one book, so the majority of my total 'book' count is actually made up of DC comic runs and major comic events.

30 / 33

2010's target is 40 'books', and it's going to be even more comic-filled and full of pretty pictures and speech bubbles. And this whole comic book addiction is all suki_blue's fault. :D
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