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Best friend meme

This has appeared twice on my flist and both times I was the best friend. ::preens:: I'm the popularest! Hee!

My Best Friend is nashmaveric
Our 57 common interests are: bite, bloodplay, books, btvs, btvs fan fic, btvs fan fiction, btvs fanfic, btvs slash, buffy fan fic, buffy fanfic, buffy fanfiction, buffy the vampire slayer, childe, consort, creative writing, dragons, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfiction, james marsters, kiss, kisses, magic, magick, male slash, mythology, nicholas brendon, reading slash, s/x, sire, slash, slash fan fic, slash fan fiction, slash fanfic, slash fanfiction, spander, spike, spike fan fiction, spike fanfic, spike fanfiction, spike slash, spike/xander, spikeslash, vampires, william the bloody, writing, writing slash, x/s, xander, xander fan fiction, xander fanfic, xander fanfiction, xander harris, xander slash, xander/spike, xanderslash, xanderslut
Who is your best friend?
Created by macoto

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