darkhavens (darkhavens) wrote,

Cookies galore and hot chocolate too!

Egifts galore! Thank you to lonelybrit, crazydiamondsue, entrenous88, tabaqui, jjjean65, ok2nv_theoracle, outsidethebox, cityphonelines, ruric, hils for my Snowflake Cookies, to lostgirlslair for my Christmas Cookie, and to kittypoker1 for the Fancy Hot Cocoa. *noms and noms and chugs* :D

Also, thank you to jjjean65 (again), heuradys and debris_k for the Snowflake cookies now gracing bloodclaim's profile page.

The virtual snowfall here at LJ didn't last long (before they took away our pretty freebie *pout*), but while it did, it made a lot of people happy. LJ, take heed - DO THIS MORE OFTEN! (After you've fixed the notification database you screwed up with your last code push that means some of us are still waiting for our comments from the last few days!) ;)

ION, I'm almost over my lurgy, but my voice is taking its own sweet time coming back. Right now, I'm at the dirty phonecall stage, all deep and gravelly, and it's rather boggling to see how many people it really gets to. I've been informed by several people (a couple of them complete strangers!) that I could make a lot of money with this voice. I'd be tempted, if I didn't know it'll be back to normal before Xmyth. *siiiiiiigh*

There will be fic. Soonish. Most likely. There are multiple flavours bubbling away in my brain. But there will also be a Mommie Dearest descending upon me next Monday, which will be cause for much squeeing and gossip and hilarity, but also much distraction.

♥ to you all!
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