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Fic: "Fifty Words And Then Some", Eureka: Jack/Nathan, R

Author: darkhavens
Title: Fifty Words And Then Some
Fandom: Pairing: Eureka: Jack/Nathan
Rating: R
Words: 2628 (+50)
Concrit: Please. If you spot a typo or a grammar glitch, feel free to tell me in comments.
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
Warnings/Squicks: In one sentence increments I have committed wing and tail fic, genderfuckery, hurt/comfort, schmoop, angst, humour, porn, wedding fic and so much more.
Notes: 50foryou issues lists of 50 words on the understanding that you write 50 sentences, one for each word, in your chosen fandom/pairing. I couldn't resist.

Fifty Words And Then Some

01. Head - It was the first time Jack had ever received head from a guy with a beard, and it was almost over much too soon because, seriously, how could either of them have guessed his inner thighs were that ticklish; he certainly hadn't reacted like that on purpose, no matter what Nathan thought, and the X-Rays had come back clear so his neck really couldn't be that sore.

02. Notorious - Stark was notorious for staying late at work, for being the first one in and the last one out - for keeping a couple of spare suits and a drawer full of shirts in his office for his not infrequent all-nighters - so when he began leaving GD at a reasonable time, not once or twice but sometimes three times a week, the news spread like wildfire, and only Sheriff Carter seemed unsurprised by the news.

03. Leper - The first time he and Nathan have a serious argument, Jack is stunned to find that he's the one being treated like a leper by his own home - not to mention his own daughter - until he gives in and calls to beg forgiveness for his completely imaginary sins.

04. Guilt - Every year, on the anniversary of Callister's death, Jack allows Nathan an hour or two of silent grief and guilt and self-castigation before dragging him home, where they trade child-raising anecdotes and silly, impossible toasts until the tension seeps from Nathan's rigid spine and he sags back into the sofa, into Jack's arms.

05. Check - "Next time, Sheriff, I suggest you check that Dr Stark has had the foresight to trigger the door lock and activate the privacy settings before you attempt to jump him in his office."

06. Velleity - Velleity keeps Jack and Nathan curled together in bed through S.A.R.A.H.'s reminders of live baseball games to be watched and documentaries to be mocked, through considerations of what to eat and whether to cook or call for take-out, until they're finally forced to leave their tangled nest to pee, and to shower away the slick and stickiness of five exhilarating hours of mutual discovery.

07. First - It's a pretty typical first kiss - awkward and uncertain, not to mention uncoordinated - but when Jack pulls back and gives Nathan an out in the form of a wryly muttered "Bad taste?", Nathan just smirks and reaches up to cradle Jack's jaw, tilting his head to the perfect angle before diving back in.

08. Rum - When Zoë decreed that they would be attending Eureka's fancy dress New Year's Eve party, with Nathan dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow, herself as Will Turner and her father suitably uniformed as Admiral James Norrington, Jack's only response was, "There's not enough rum in the world…" but he couldn't quite dispel the mental image of Nathan in eyeliner, a beribboned beard and a pirate shirt disturbingly similar to the one he'd worn in Jo's Zorro-inspired shared dream.

09. War - The third time Stark body-checks him during the first annual Eureka tag football game, Jack takes it for the declaration of war it is and reacts accordingly, using every dirty trick he knows to get Stark pinned beneath him, struggling and heaving and hard and… oh!

10. Nucleotide - Nathan rolls his eyes at the question, but answers it patiently and simply, if not a little wickedly, with: "No, Sheriff, you're not going to explode, because I didn't say 'nuclear', I said 'nucleotide', which are molecules that make up your DNA, and if we don't figure out how to reverse what Dr Piersen's experiment has done to yours, someone is going to have to explain to your daughter why she's now got two mothers."

11. Second - It's the second marriage for both of them, so there's less starry-eyed hope and more pragmatic negotiation over the divisions of household chores and what constitutes the difference between 'late for dinner' and 'early for breakfast', and then there's the tricky issues of parenting and step-parenting - and step-step-parenting, because Kevin is just as much a part of their odd little family as Zoë is.

12. History - They have such an established history of flirting that it takes three weeks for Vincent to realise that they've finally moved beyond their usual banter and are actually touching now – a subtle bump of elbows, a tangling of feet beneath the table, a slow stroke of fingertips as they pass the salt.

13. Diesel - "Oh, God, you mean this new cleaner, more environmentally friendly synthetic diesel that Henry's been going on about – the stuff I just filled my tank with - is actually made from the processed poop of Eureka?"

14. Low - They keep a low profile for the first couple of weeks, both aware how fragile new relationships can be, and then Alison walks into Nathan's lab without knocking…

15. Delight - To Zoë's delight, Jack and Nathan ask her to be the Best Girl at their wedding, while Kevin acts as Ring-Bearer.

16. Hemp - "No, Jack, you're not going to have to arrest yourself; there's no THC in our lubricant, it's just hemp oil, one of the secondary products of the bio-mass experiment that's been running in the fields out past Fargo's for the last three years, so will you please come back to bed so we can get some damn use out of it!"

17. Misinterpret - "Hey, it was easy enough to misinterpret the message 'Be ready and waiting in your office, and make absolutely sure you're alone,'" Jack muttered as he pulled his pants back on, "especially when your 'I'm in control in the bedroom' voice is so damn similar to your 'I'm in control in the office' voice."

18. Speak - Belatedly, Jack realises it was a mistake to tell Nathan that just listening to him speak - hearing him detail the unbelievably filthy things he plans to do – is probably enough to get him off without a single touch.

19. Jungle - Sometimes Nathan dreams of playing Tarzan in the jungle that used to thrive in the bio-dome buried deep beneath Global Dynamics, but he knows he's in real trouble when Carter starts appearing regularly as a bumbling, very distracting masculine version of Jane, so eager to 'rescue' the noble savage and yet so awed by his feral beauty.

20. Tragedy - Jack claims he cannot be held responsible for the songs he sings in the shower every morning because he's never quite awake until at least his second cup of coffee, but when the BeeGee's Tragedy pops up in the rotation for the third time in a week, Nathan takes it upon himself to order S.A.R.A.H. to block all access to radio stations and TV channels populated with inane pop, disco and rock ballads.

21. Lope - When Jack's in a hurry – not a 'We're all going to die!' hurry, but a 'Vincent only has three servings of Peach Cobbler left' kind of a hurry – he tends to move at more of a lope than an outright run: long limbs swinging, hips loose and rolling, and Nathan's disturbed to discover he finds it almost mesmerising.

22. Geodesic - When Jack looks over his shoulder and asks what it is he's working on, Nathan briefly considers trying to explain Riemannian geometry, mentally prepares a fast and simple explanation of a geodesic as a generalization of the notion of a "straight line" to "curved spaces", and just as quickly discards it, instead twisting in his chair and burying his face in Jack's neck with a muttered "Space math; it's all a load of balls."

23. Flap - Nathan fastens the flap of the two man tent into place and turns awkwardly on his knees to see Jack sprawled out naked across the open sleeping bag, and, as easily as that, all his complaints of being lured out into the middle of nowhere under false, erotically charged pretences fall away to nothingness as he struggles to remove his own clothing without punching a hole through their tiny fabric shelter.

24. Derelict - It never ceases to amaze Nathan how sincerely Jack believes that he would be derelict in his duty if he doesn't immediately arrest GD scientists, or at the very least take them in for questioning, when something explodes or implodes, or spontaneously mutates or liquefies a co-worker.

25. Nostalgia - When Nathan and her dad start wallowing in nostalgia, whether it's old sports matches, old TV shows, or worst of all old music – disco? really?! - Zoë tends to escape to her room, but sometimes she lingers at the top of the stairs and listens for a while, indulging in some wallowing of her own in her dad's obvious, shared happiness, so very different from those last silent years with her mom.

26. Cookie - Every third Tuesday, when he's not too late, Nathan stops by Café Diem on the way home to buy a super-sized chocolate-chocolate-chip chocolate-dipped cookie with vanilla sprinkles, just so he can see Jack's face light up at the sight of the unexpected gift – and the fact that it always is unexpected, no matter how many times Nathan has done this through the years, makes Nathan love him even more.

27. Counter - Zoë may never get the image out of her mind of her dad, dressed in nothing but boxers, sitting up on the kitchen counter with his legs wrapped tight around Dr Stark's hips, both of them too involved in an intensely traumatizing kiss to even notice she was there.

28. Large - When Nathan walks into the Sheriff's office carrying an extra-large Vinspresso like a peace offering, Jack knows it's going to be one of those days.

29. Cigar - In the three years they've been together, and the year and a half before that when they weren't, Jack has never known Nathan to smoke, but when he walks into the bunker and catches the scent of exorbitantly expensive tobacco, sees the open box of illegally imported cigars, he knows the Nobel committee has finally been in touch.

30. Polyester - "…and then he tripped and triggered the impulse field, Dr Stark, and before we could stop it, he was covered in quick-drying liquid polyester, and I'm really sorry but it's not coming off as easily as we'd hoped and I think we're going to have to use the decon shower to apply the solvent because I don't have enough to immerse him completely, and… are you laughing at me?"

31. Break - It's not a bad break, and after the healing laser thingy and the hi-tech spray-on super-hardening foam cast, Jack's really looking forward to the pampering Nathan promised as recompense for talking him into putting the stupid radio-controlled contraption on in the first place.

32. Never - "No, Jack, if you've never been to a live performance of the Rocky Horror Show, that means you're technically still a virgin and, as Dr Frankenfurter himself, I get to deflower you while you're dressed in nothing but tiny gold hotpants and half a bottle of mineral oil."

33. Sabre - "Nathan, it was a sabre-toothed tiger and it tried to eat you, so either you let me take Taggart in now, for keeping an unlicensed wildcat, or I'll be back to charge him with multiple counts of attempted murder and destruction of government property, and don't come near me while you're covered in tiger spit, you infuriating scientist, you'll…"

34. Dawn - After a month of hearing Nathan sneak out of the bunker well before dawn at least three mornings out of seven every week, Zoë decides to waylay him and explain just how much of a non-secret his relationship with her dad really is.

35. Chromaticity - When Sheriff Carter asks why he's staring, Nathan ponders his chances of baffling the man with a scientific, though completely honest, explanation of how he was trying to calculate the chromaticity of the particular shade of blue that happens to match his eyes.

36. Wall - It's suddenly gets interesting when Nathan grabs a double fistful of Jack's lapels and half-shoves, half-carries him across the room, slamming him up against the wall so hard his head bounces off and rocks forward, straight into Nathan's incoming kiss - packed full of fury and frustration and frenzied lust – and, just like that, two years of UST are over, the book is closed, and Vincent's doing a chair-dance of glee in his front row seat.

37. Bugged - The new sheriff's very presence somehow bugged Nathan to the point of distraction, and it wasn't until the man was forced to strip down to his skin for a second encounter with Global Dynamics' decon showers that Nathan realised just how screwed he really was.

38. Gear - Every time Nathan changes gear on the way home, he replaces his hand a little higher on Jack's thigh until, just outside Eureka, he's cupping Jack's erection through the worn and faded denim of his jeans, chuckling darkly at Jack's frustrated whine.

39. Rorschach - "So, Scientist, you obviously wouldn't choose to be Rorschach or The Comedian, but I can't quite decide which of the Watchmen you'd rather be: the omniscient Dr Manhattan with the giant blue peen, or - oh, yeah, this is definitely you - Ozymandias, the megalomaniac who thinks he can fix the world."

40. Blind - They've told him he'll only be blind for a short while – that the damage to his corneas will heal fairly quickly, so long as he follows their instructions and sticks to their treatment schedule - but he doesn't really believe it, not until Nathan arrives and shoos them all out so he can grab hold of Jack and reassure them both with words and touch that everything's going to be okay, no matter what it takes.

41. Zoology - "Dammit, Nathan, just because Taggart has a doctorate in Zoology doesn't mean he should get to see my medical records now that I've suddenly sprouted wings and a tail!"

42. Diplomatic - The third time one of the visiting dignitaries overstepped their boundaries and tried to sneak off toward Section Five, Nathan kept his diplomatic reaction to himself and watched as Jack – Sheriff Carter during business hours – explained the laws regarding trespass, bribery and coercion, and restricted access.

43. In - After an eternity of teasing and touching and intensely erotic, downright dirty talk, Nathan pushed his way into Jack's welcoming body - a long, slow slide that burned in the best way possible and left Jack feeling full and owned and wanted and approximately three milliseconds away from coming already, so move, dammit, move!

44. Palm - Jack's palm feels strange against Nathan's skin - dotted with calluses formed by years of handling weapons and striated by scars earned in a hundred different ways; it's like nothing he's ever felt before, and it's going to be over way too soon.

45. Heal - The burns will heal, the bruises will fade, the sutures will melt away, but Nathan will never forget the look of complete terror on Jack's face as he watched through the reinforced viewing panel as the lab exploded with Nathan on the wrong side of the triple-locked door.

46. Prolific - Nathan is highly amused to have to repress his competitive streak when he comes across a chart - pinned to the inside of Jack's closet door - that ranks the Global Dynamics scientists in order of who's 'tried' to kill him most often, and discovers that Fargo is by far the most prolific threat to Jack's continued existence.

47. Mob - "Fargo, the next time you interrupt my night in with your boss to come and save you from a 'savage, angry mob, out for blood', it had better be more than three old ladies and an irate duck, and I'd better see arterial spray too, okay?"

48. Illicit - Sheriff Carter and Dr Stark seem to get such an illicit thrill out of their secret rendezvous that the residents of Eureka decide, en masse, to keep right on not noticing how very well they fit together.

49. Inbred - "Nathan, I'm not arresting a first-grader for taking her little boy guinea pig in to play with the girl guinea pigs in her father's lab; and I don't care how many generations it took to get them properly inbred, you're not to let Taggart neuter the little fella for doing what comes naturally!"

50. Walk - In the end, they decide to walk down the aisle together.

Tags: eureka:carter/stark

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  • My BatFlash Big(gish) Damn Table

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