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Mini-Nano is over and I beat it!

Hi, everyone. I know I dropped out of sight again midmonth, but I was still mini-nanoing like crazy, just with added familial effluence.

I signed up for 100 words a day minimum, making a target of 3000 words for the whole month of November. I managed to write something every single day, even when I would much rather have dropkicked my brother out of my second storey window just to watch him not-bounce when he hit the pavement outside. I put him on a train this morning - that's actual morning, for the people who know of my nocturnal habits. I actually dragged myself off my sofa (he had the bed) at 8am to escort him to the train station and wrangle him onto the train. I love him dearly, but one week of being responsible, financially and emotionally, for an accomplished alcoholic is one week too many. Anyhoo. Back to the happymaking-

How many words did I write in total? *drumroll* 10,423!

I'm very happy with that. (Even as I'm wondering what the total might have been without the batshittery that has been going on here.

For those who are wondering where all the words went after my last fic post, the SGA AU starring Dr Rodney McKay, Psychic to the Stars, look no further than the man himself. He has been talking my ear off pretty constantly and for once, I am not able to write the rest of the story in a linear fashion because I'm too busy transcribing his babble and his antics to add in the usual non-dialogue/descriptive/John-content parts people tend to expect in a McShep story. *g* There is some severe editing and revising (and adding to) to be done before posting, but it's coming! (I just have to recover for a while first.)

For those who missed it, yesterday was actually the 5th anniversary of bloodclaim. While I was too busy with all that (points up-post) to actually get anything celebratory accomplished, the wonderful and talented literati created some kick-ass Spander icons that can be cooed over and marvelled at here. ♥
Tags: miscfic:mini-nano, pookie

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