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My response to the '50' challenge at bloodclaim

Yeah, I know, I'm a little bit late, but I had the idea for this when I issued the challenge, it just didn't want to be written until now.

Author: darkhavens
Website: darkhavens (Look, new url! Same website though... )
Pairing: S/X of course
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Excessive schmoopiness

50 Tubes of Lube

Xander looked around at the various heaps of... things, that had somehow managed appear inside his //their// apartment in the short hours he'd been out.

Beaming proudly amidst the chaos was a certain blond vampire, barely decent in spray-on black jeans and a tee shirt so thin and so tight Xander was sure he could see every little crinkle of skin surrounding each perfect pink nipple.


Xander blinked. Obviously a response was called for.

He looked around the room again and noticed the piles of goods were actually carefully constructed stacks and pyramids, strange little ziggurats and altars to the gods of... Twinkies? Taking a step closer, he saw that every heap was made of just one substance. A pyramid of Twinkies; another two made entirely out of chocolate bars he obviously not-so-secretly had stashed in a kitchen cupboard. One carefully balanced tower was constructed out of tubes of his three favourite flavours of Pringles, and a small, squat building just in front was made of jars of chili dip.

There were also cartons of cigarettes, built up like a game of Jenga, several boxes of Jack Daniels, jars of hot chocolate mix and bags of mini marshmallows.

He looked back at Spike, who now had one hand tucked into his jeans, the back of his hand visible through the suddenly open top three buttons of his fly. The other hand was plucking at a nipple, and his whole torso rippled with delight when he pinched it, hard.

"Come into the bedroom, Xanderrrrrrr."

The low growl caught him by the balls and led him mindlessly through the door, intent on spending an hour or two screwing his lover senseless before trying to figure out what the insane vampire had been up to and whether it would all end in arrest for grand larceny. But right now he didn't care, he just wanted them both spread out on the quilt... that, he noticed belatedly, was covered in tubes of lube. Ten different flavours of lube, five tubes of each flavour, lined up neatly below the pillows, and Xander could only stare blindly and wonder when he was next going to be allowed out of the apartment when suddenly something in his mind clicked over and he understood.

The realisation must have shown on his face because he felt cool arms slide around him and pull him back against a solid chest.

"Happy Anniversary, Pet."

Overwhelmed, Xander could manage nothing more than an awkward twist, so he could wrap his own arms around his lover and hold on tight as he fought to regain control of his emotions. Nobody had ever loved him this much before and he was constantly sideswiped by the knowledge that someone thought he was worth all this and more.

"You're mad, you know that? If this is what you get up to when we've only been together fifty days, what on earth are you planning to do to celebrate a year?"

The grin Spike flashed at him turned his knees to water.

"You'll have to wait and see, luv, but there's plenty of other anniversaries to celebrate before we get to that one. We'll work up to it..."
Tags: btvs:s/x:misc

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