April 16th, 2009

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Me me me

Thanks to a wonderful donor (who shall remain nameless so as to protect them from their flist), I have a Dreamwidth account: darkhavens.

(NB: I am not leaving LJ. Not unless they kick me out. I have comms to run and a flist to obsess over!)

As per the donor's request, I have created a bloodclaim over there, which will become operational once I've imported everything and made sure I haven't cocked it up. *g*

I have also created slashthedrabble and slashtheimage, and new prompts will be cross-posted to both LJ and DW (so I don't get confused *g*).

Way back in January, once again staring at an empty page in MSWord, I decided to do something drastic: I signed up for findyourwords, choosing 50,000 as my target wordcount for the year 2009. That's more than I've written in the last two years combined.Wordcounts (posted fic only): 2006=53k, 2007=25k, 2008=22k. EEP!

I then continued staring blankly at various empty pages until March, when I discovered comment_fic and became addicted. A couple of days ago, 6 weeks on from word one, I broke the 10k barrier and decided to get myself a widget to celebrate:

*hugs you all and twirls*