February 5th, 2007

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14 Valentines, day #4 - Kanji icons #274 - #370

14valentines day four is about Domestic Violence.

I didn't have to google for the names of UK organisations on this topic because I already know them - Women's Aid whose motto is 'until women and children are safe', and Refuge, whose motto is 'For women and children. Against domestic violence.'

I know of them through friends and relatives who have had reason to call upon their services. And because of them I volunteered to help run get-togethers organised by the local Refuge in my home town. Volunteering just a few hours a week can make so much difference to the lives of others, as well to your own.

Day #1 Kanji Icons #001 - #102
Day #2 Kanji icons #103 - #207
Day #3 Kanji icons #208 - #273

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