June 28th, 2005

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'Hello Little Girl', one for open_on_sunday challenge #118 - The Beatles

Pairing: Dru, Willow, reference to Willow/Tara
Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. No harm, no foul, no money made.
AN1: Although this is set in the baby!vamp!Xander!verse, all you need to know is that Spike turned Xander, they're happy, Willow wants to resoul Xander, and Dru has tracked her down to... talk her out of it. ;)
AN2: Thanks to reremouse for the petting and pandering to the madperson on YIM. ;)
AN3: All titles taken from Steve's Beatles Page.

Hello Little Girl

"Nobody's child, you cry for a shadow, you're the girl with the devil in her heart. You're fixing a hole for no-one, not a second time...

"Do you want to know a secret? This boy's not in chains. He's free as a bird so let it be, leave my kitten alone...

"I'm looking through you, blackbird, and it's all too much. I've just seen a face, another girl, Lady Madonna. Mean Mr Mustard thinking happiness is a warm gun. I saw her standing there, oh, misery! It won't be long. Ask me why, little child."


"Because. You'll be mine."


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